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Integrating China into the World Economy

It seems that every time a Chinese investor makes an investment in a foreign country it hits the news. It also seems to scare a lot of people. Our view is that integrating China into the world economy is a good thing. We favor integrating China into the world economy for a number of reasons. […]


Reasonable Investment Advice

If you are wondering how to invest $10,000 you may not want anything fancy. You may just want reasonable investment advice. If the folks who invested all of their money with Bernie Madoff had it to do all over again they would go with reasonable investment advice and not get suckered into a pyramid scheme […]


Investing and Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of US senators as well as a group from the House of Representatives have come up with comprehensive plans to deal with US immigration issues. The fact that everyone seems to be looking at creating a comprehensive solution has business leaders excited and supportive. There are at least eleven million illegal immigrants […]


Investment Research

Investment research takes time and investment research typically pays off in higher stock investing profits. We often hear the question just what is a good investment? The obvious answer is that a good investment is one that makes money and carries little risk. The point of investment research is to find stocks before they are noticed by the rest of the market, and before market attention drives their price up. The issue for all investors is doing a sufficient amount of investment research to find a good investment before the market changes and the stock goes up in price. We […]


How to Make Money through Investments

How to make money through investments is an important matter today. All of us work a day folks would like to retire with enough money to travel, pursue our dreams, or just live our golden years in comfort. Many investors seek to move out of their daily routine into a world of finance and financial […]


Investment in Dot Coms

eBay’s stock has been going up, half again as much this year. With memories of the dot com collapse, is too much investment in online companies a bad thing? eBay makes profits online. How do you decide which dot com is for real, making profits online, and which dot com is just a replica of […]


Online Trading Course

Online Trading Course in Forex Trading Many people are interested in trading forex these days due to the advent of the internet. This has made forex trading more available to a wider population that it previously did not reach. The only problem now is finding the time to take an online trading course that equips […]


Learning Online Investing

Learning Online Investing via the Internet If you are interested in learning online investing there are a lot of steps to take to ensure success.  There are various items that you will need including, a computer and internet connection, money to invest, and lastly you will need an online broker. These are just the basics to […]


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