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When Is Stock Picking Likely to Be Successful?

The Wall Street Journal recently discussed The Dying Business of Picking Stocks and how passive investing in index funds has become common. Despite this trend there are folks who make a lot of money on specific stocks. When is stock picking likely to be successful and when should you stick with an index fund?
Pension funds, endowments, 401(k) retirement plans and retail investors are flooding into passive investment funds, which run on autopilot by tracking an index. Stock pickers, archetypes of 20th century Wall Street, are being pushed to the margins.
Over the three years ended Aug. 31, investors added nearly $1.3 […]


Investing and Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of US senators as well as a group from the House of Representatives have come up with comprehensive plans to deal with US immigration issues. The fact that everyone seems to be looking at creating a comprehensive solution has business leaders excited and supportive. There are at least eleven million illegal immigrants […]


Direct Hedge Fund Investing

What does increased direct hedge fund investing by large pension funds and managers of sovereign wealth have to do with the medium to small private investor? According to the recent Citi Prime Finance survey money managers of large pension funds and governmental holdings are taking a more hands on approach to direct hedge fund investing. […]


Hedge Fund Raids and Investing

Hedge fund raids and investing are in the news with several recent raids by the FBI on fund offices. According to various press reports and commentary the SEC, long criticized for laxity in oversight, has changed gears. Rather than looking to prosecute individuals who have bought and sold stock based upon non-public information, the SEC […]


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