Volatility as a Crypto Investment Guide

Implied volatility of Bitcoin and Ether are measured by the BitVol and EthVol indexes respectively. Both of these measures of implied volatility work in a fashion similar to the VIX, which provides the same information in the stock market. What does this have to do with volatility as a crypto investment guide?

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Who Do You Trust to Predict Bitcoin Price Changes?

Bitcoin has risen significantly from its crypto winter lows. How high will it go? Is now the time to buy before it surges to $100,000 as some are predicting? Who do you trust to predict Bitcoin price changes?

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Should Gambling Regulation Rules Apply to Crypto?

A novel proposal in the UK is that crypto should be regulated by the same folks who regulate gambling in Great Britain and be subject to the same rules. Should gambling regulation rules apply to crypto?

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How Stable Are Your Stablecoins?

How stable are your stablecoins? As time has passed it has become clear that the top stablecoins are, indeed, stable. Backed by the US dollar or, in the case of Tether, backed by Bitcoin as well, these tokens have maintained a one-to-one parity with the US dollar over time.

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Can You Invest in Nuclear Fusion?

A reliable estimate is that eventually nuclear fusion technology could be a $40 trillion business. So, can you invest in nuclear fusion and how? When nuclear fusion power plants become a reality, they will not produce any greenhouse gasses or radioactive waste, unlike fossil fuel and nuclear fission-based plants operating today.

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Independent Audits and Boards of Directors in the World of Crypto

There are two things that investors typically expect from a well run company. One is an independent board of directors and the other is independent audits. Many top crypto companies do not have either. To what degree are the independent audits and boards of directors in the world of crypto?

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Crypto Winter and the Stages of Grief

When folks were making money in a rising crypto market, they felt smart, successful, ahead of the curve. When crypto fell and some stablecoins and tokens became virtually worthless, the effects were psychological as well as monetary. In this regard it is useful to consider crypto winter and the stages of grief.

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How a Bitcoin Early Bird Bailed Out

How a Bitcoin Early Bird Bailed Out

It was also shortly after his hedge fund sold virtually all of its Bitcoin. This was how a Bitcoin early bird bailed out and wound down an 8-year crypto bet while advising others to hold on for dear life.

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DeFi and a Balanced US Budget

What happens if they solve the issue by balancing the budget. For folks in the world of cryptocurrencies and related businesses this could be a major issue. How about DeFi and a balanced budget brought about by lower spending and/or higher taxes?

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Reduced Government Spending and Your Investments

Interest on the national debt threatens to become a larger cost than other major parts of the budget. To the degree that belt tightening is chosen as a way to solve this problem, we need to look at reduced government spending and your investments.

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