How Is Web 3 Doing?

How is Web 3 doing? Are we there yet? What are the promises of Web 3 and when can we expect delivery?

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Does Crypto Tracing Work?

No matter how the trial turns out, we are interested in knowing the extent to which assets on the blockchain are really private or totally transparent to those with the right tools. Does crypto tracing work and could that cause problems for you?

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How to Invest in Mexico

Others are opting for nearshoring with Mexico as the prime beneficiary. Made in Mexico is replacing Made in China for everything from electronic vehicles to baked goods. The issue for us is how to invest in Mexico.

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Bitcoin Fog Social Media Defense

Prosecutors refer to Bitcoin Fog as the “go to” service for criminals wanting to hide their money. A novel aspect of this trial will be what we are calling a Bitcoin Fog social media defense.

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20 Years for OneCoin Ponzi Scheme

We used to think that the Madoff Ponzi scheme where billions were lost was the worst investment scam ever. That was until the OneCoin Ponzi scheme was taken down.

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Can FTX Rise from the Ashes?

And the question now arises, can FTX rise from the ashes? There is the possibility of FTX 2.0 in the near future. To understand what is going on it helps to understand how bankruptcy proceeding work.

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Risks for Bitcoin Futures ETFs

One of the basic risks for Bitcoin futures ETFs is that spot Bitcoin ETFs simply make more sense that tracking futures. Another is that spot ETFs will be cheaper to operate.

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Is Mattel a Good Investment?

Two things are responsible for Mattel’s stock going up. It has been selling Barbie dolls since 1959. Its sales of the doll are up. More to the point, Mattel intends to take advantage of the intellectual property in its toy line to make more movies. So, is Mattel a good investment or are we too late to make any money on the stock?

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How Safe Is Liquid Staking?

How safe is liquid staking? For that matter, just what is it and is it something that anyone can do?

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How Do You Report Your Crypto Taxes?

How do you report your crypto taxes when you have a constant stream of crypto purchases and sales?

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