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Investing and Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of US senators as well as a group from the House of Representatives have come up with comprehensive plans to deal with US immigration issues. The fact that everyone seems to be looking at creating a comprehensive solution has business leaders excited and supportive. There are at least eleven million illegal immigrants […]


Momentum Investing

Momentum investing is a method of buying securities or stocks based on its returns during the last three to twelve months. This method also insists that it is wise to sell the stocks which have had poor returns or profit during the same time frame. Momentum investors will invest in anything which is currently hot, […]


Momentum Funds – Beating the System

Investing can be an intricate balance of systems as traders look for the best ways to maximize their profits. Some of these systems involved complex mathematics for projecting movements of stocks; some rely on simple indicators that can be found in a company‚Äôs financials. In the case of momentum funds, investors look for stocks that […]


Momentum Trading – Staying on the Move

Like most other trading techniques, momentum trading has its supporters and skeptics. Since this method of trading both disciples and detractors, it is important to define exactly what momentum trading is and what are its advantages and disadvantages in order to form an educated opinion. In the simplest definition, momentum trading teaches that each year […]


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