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FANG Investments at Risk

Government regulators are taking a look at FANG stocks in regard to monopolistic and anti-competitive practices. This realization just took the stocks down by several percent each. In fact, all of the FANG darlings are substantially off from their highs a year ago. Are your FANG investments at risk? If so, what are the factors to consider when deciding to ride it out, sell to lock in some of your gains, or buy more shares in hopes of a comeback? CNBC looks at FANG stocks, their recent losses, and what is in store for them.
Fears of increased government scrutiny just […]


How Long Will the Economic Sweet Spot Last?

The stock market seems to be overpriced but every times earnings come in they are positive and stocks keep going up. So long as the economy keeps chugging along it supports earnings but how long will the economic sweet spot last? CNBC writes that the economy may soon lose its power to boost stocks. Then what?
Closely followed strategist Jim Paulsen told CNBC on Monday he’s worried that economic data could stop supporting the stock market’s bull run.
“The economy has been doing so good for so long now that even if it continues to do well, it won’t any longer be […]


Will Stocks Continue to Rise as Trump Goes Down in Flames?

It looks like Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president and the market has reacted positively. Here are a few thoughts on how this is working out and how to make a profit in stocks as the presidential election campaign winds down to a welcome close.
The reason that U.S. presidential candidates always move politically toward the center as the election approaches is because it works. Each party has its base of ardent supporters but not enough people to win the election. The winner is the candidate who convinces the vast undecided middle of the U.S. political spectrum to […]


Foreign Investment in 2016

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Over the long term it can be a good idea to diversify your investments offshore. Because of the tendency for exchange rates to vary up and down, timing can be a major […]


US Stock Response to Interest Rate Hike

Investors are waiting to hear what the United States Federal Reserve will do with interest rates at their meeting later this week. The Fed previously indicated that when the economy is strong enough they would phase out the quantitative easing bond buying program and then raise interest rates. Quantitative easing is now history and many […]


Invest in PayPal

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, EBay is going to spin off PayPal. EBay Inc. said it plans to spin off its PayPal electronic-payments business into a separate publicly traded company next year, acceding to the wishes of activist investor Carl Icahn who had pushed for the company to split. This news […]


United States Oil Exports

United States oil exports have been allowed for the first time in forty years. Sustainable fracking technology has greatly increased US oil production and reduced dependence on foreign oil supplies. The United States is on the verge of becoming the leading oil and natural gas producer in the world. Now in a very small test […]


Trade Signal Reliability

The issue of trade signal reliability is debated by economists, supported by those who make their living doing technical analysis, and debunked by those who only believe in fundamental analysis tools such as the price to earnings ratio, price to sales ratio, and indicators of intrinsic stock value. Despite the doubts of some, traders have […]


Invest in Africa

Is it wise for the average person to invest in Africa? The continent has oil, diamonds, a plethora of minerals and a huge pool of cheap labor. Africa also has Al-Qaida linked terrorists in the sub-Sahara, terrorists kidnapping and selling school girls in Nigeria and a military government set upon eradicating an Islamic group in […]


Make Money Selling Covered Options

A handy way to increase your income from stocks that you own is to make money selling covered options. If you are doing it right, you routinely look at your stock portfolio. You do both fundamental analysis and analysis of market sentiment. You keep stocks that you believe will continue to go up in price […]


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