Forex Trading Setups

Investing and Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of US senators as well as a group from the House of Representatives have come up with comprehensive plans to deal with US immigration issues. The fact that everyone seems to be looking at creating a comprehensive solution has business leaders excited and supportive. There are at least eleven million illegal immigrants […]

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Forex Swing Trading Strategy

If you have money to invest it can be difficult to make a decision about the best market to enter, but forex has enough flexibility to offer something for everyone. Unlike many other types of asset, it provides the opportunity to continue to make a profit even in an economic downturn. However, once you have […]

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A Guide to Long Term Bond ETFs

In times of economic difficulty, it isn`t always easy to make a profit from investments. Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs as they are more commonly known, are a popular option because of their similarity to stocks, but with tax advantages and a comparatively low cost. As with any type of investment, it pays to do […]

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USD/JPY Set For Potential Rise in 2011

2010 was a wild year for USD JPY as bears attacked the pair mercilessly, driving it down in a very clean trend to all-time lows by year end. In late October, USD JPY hit its all-time low of 80.20. In this article, we are going to discuss what drove USD JPY down so aggressively in […]

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The Pin Bar: A Powerful Forex Trading Setup

We all know the industry legend that 95% of traders lose money and give up trading.  The reasons that traders fail are many, but most, if not every single reason, can be broken into to basic reasons: FREE MASTERCLASS: 3 Secrets to Take Control of Your Financial Future! The trader did not have a strategy […]

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