Reasonable Investment Advice

If you are wondering how to invest $10,000 you may not want anything fancy. You may just want reasonable investment advice. If the folks who invested all of their money with Bernie Madoff had it to do all over again they would go with reasonable investment advice and not get suckered into a pyramid scheme promising unreasonably high profits year after year. The old saying is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is – too good to be true. But can you get rich following reasonable investment advice? May so and maybe not but you will probably not lose all of your money in a hedge fund either, unlike many in the 2008 market crash. Money managers for large investment funds, wealthy family trusts, and the like typically concern themselves first with staying ahead of inflation and making a couple of percent a year. They trust in the power of compounded returns to keep a billion or so in the family over the decades and longer. You too can profit from following reasonable investment advice.


First Things First

Before starting to put money in stocks, for example, there are a few housekeeping chores to take care of. Pay off your credit card debt. Any stock that returns you eighteen percent per year per year in dividends and appreciation is an excellent investment. Don’t let the interest on your credit cards negate a good investment. Pay off your credit cards. Next put some money in a rainy day fund. Nothing hurts worse in the world of investing than having to pull money out of a stock because you need to pay unexpected bills and then seeing the stock go up a hundred fold in price. And, last but not least, buy your own home. It can be a free standing house or a condo, but either way, your mortgage interest will be tax deductible and you can live in your investment.

No Limits

Reasonable investment advice is about picking what makes sense. Getting sound investment advice and setting reasonable goals are good starting points. Stocks can be good investments if you learn how to do careful fundamental analysis and follow through. Real estate can be a great investment in the right market. Offshore investing can be very lucrative, providing that you do your homework and have unique insights into the market in which you are investing. And, always, it is reasonable investment advice to balance a portfolio of investments and keep track of how they are doing on a frequent basis. Even in bad markets there are good deals to be had. One old saying is to buy when there is blood in the streets, especially yours. The other is that there always a bull market someplace. The issue here is usually timing. Another saying comes to mind. Ninety percent of life is just showing up. If you are never in the race you will never win. You do not have to invent the wheel to learn how to use it effectively. Those who scout out the fundamentals of an investment and assess market sentiment and current pricing often win in the world of investing.

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