Cell Phone Tower Site Leases

Interesting and potentially quite profitable investments are cell phone site leases. These investments pay regularly and commonly have an escalator clause that increases lease payments every year. Cell phone tower site leases tend to be very stable and secure investments because cell phone networks depend upon these sites. Cell phone companies put up cell towers throughout their phone grids and place their mobile phone masts on them. These base receiver stations are the backbone of the phone grid and unlikely to be replaced any time soon. Thus owners of cell phone tower site leases are likely to gain a steady income from leasing these sites for years to come. Profiting from cell phone tower site leases can be as simple as purchasing the site and the lease from the current owner. It can also be a matter of finding a distressed property with a cell tower on it. In this case a buyer with cash or a line of credit may be able to buy out the current property owner and sell to a willing investor at a handsome profit. Success in the world of cell phone tower investment often has to do with finding creative solutions that fit the needs of buyer and seller. Take the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold and learn more.

The Size and Shape of the Business Opportunity

Cell Tower Gold tells us that there are approximately 370,000 cell phone tower site leases appropriate for investment in the USA. Because of the prohibitive cost of buying land, cell phone companies only purchase a few percent of the sites that they need. Over ninety percent of cell phone tower sites are privately owned and leased to cell phone companies. Although many owners of cell phone tower site leases are perfectly happy with their situation, there are many who could be convinced to sell at a reasonable price. Find cell tower sites and talk to the owners. You will find out who might be interested in selling and why. Owners of distressed properties may want a cash infusion. Someone nearing retirement may simply want to get rid of his property lock stock and barrel. Find out who wants out and you will have the beginnings of a business dealing with cell phone tower site leases. If you want to make money on cell phone tower investing consider taking the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Like all business opportunities, picking good cell phone tower site leases requires a knowledge base, time, and effort, as well as a bit of creative thinking. Learn about this business opportunity and start on your way to handsome profits.

Where Do I Start?

Find cell sites and owners of cell phone tower site leases by driving around. Cell tower sites are on building tops, free standing towers, and hilltops. You can go online to sites like www.AntennaSearch.com for more info. Find a number of sites and then approach the owners. You will probably find a person or two who is interested in selling. At this time you will need to find a solution that works for all parties concerned. One profitable route is to find buyers for these sites first. Then, with money in your pocket or a line of credit, you can make profitable deals for cell phone tower site leases.

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