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Is This Going to Be a Painful Correction for Unwary Investors?

If you have ridden the bull market to higher and higher levels, is it time to take a little off the table and realize profits? The old saying is, by the way, that you do not have a profit until you take a profit. Is this going to be a painful correction for unwary investors? Market Watch notes one warning indicator which says that serious pain awaits investors.
One of those measures, in particular, has popped up on investor radars lately, and that’s the “Buffett indicator.” The Berkshire BRK.A, +2.83% boss called it “the best single measure of where valuations stand […]

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Will Stocks Continue to Rise as Trump Goes Down in Flames?

It looks like Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president and the market has reacted positively. Here are a few thoughts on how this is working out and how to make a profit in stocks as the presidential election campaign winds down to a welcome close.
The reason that U.S. presidential candidates always move politically toward the center as the election approaches is because it works. Each party has its base of ardent supporters but not enough people to win the election. The winner is the candidate who convinces the vast undecided middle of the U.S. political spectrum to […]

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Why Buy Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are cheap but are they good investments? Why buy penny stocks? For that matter what is a penny stock? According to Investopedia:
A penny stock typically trades at a relatively low price and has a small market capitalization, usually outside of the major market exchanges. These stocks are generally considered highly speculative and high risk because of their lack of liquidity, large bid-ask spreads, small capitalization and limited following and disclosure. They often trade over the counter through the OTCBB and pink sheets.
So, why buy penny stocks? Most penny stocks deserve their low price but there are diamonds in […]

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How to Short the Chinese Economy

After decades of impressive economic growth China’s economy is not only slowing down but may be in danger of collapse. The question one might ask is how to short the Chinese economy. Profit Confidential addresses the issue of a possible China economic collapse.
The billionaire short seller, Jim Chanos, has often worried that China’s economic collapse is right around the corner. Last year’s stock market crash proved he may have a point, but how would we know when the economic collapse is here?
He says China’s problems are eerily similar to what went wrong in the United States a few years ago: […]

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Sound Investment Strategies

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The point of investing is to make money or at least stay ahead of inflation. What are the best ways to make money through investments?
All of us work a day folks would […]

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How to Pick Stocks

The financial pages are commonly full of success stories, stocks that have done well. But, how to pick stocks is not to invest in expensive stocks that have already gone up in price but in inexpensive stocks that are likely to do well in the future. We are talking about intrinsic stock value and the […]

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Invest in Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. has raised its earnings forecast and the stock rose three percent. Is this enough reason to invest in Tiffany? According to the online Financial Times Tiffany lifts it guidance for the second time in a few months. FREE MASTERCLASS: 3 Secrets to Take Control of Your Financial Future! Tiffany & Co has […]

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Basics of Successful Investing I

Successful investing is not a matter of luck, tips or playing the market. Three basics of successful investing are sound fundamental analysis, appropriate risk management and patience in waiting for investment opportunities. Let us start with risk management first of all.
Risk Management in Your Life and Investments
Investing is part of life and not a separate entity. So, it is important to have your financial life in order before even starting to invest. Build a stable financial platform for your life first of all.
Pay off any credit card debts: It is difficult for a beginner to make 18% a year on […]

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Under Priced Stocks

The whole point of investing in stock is finding under priced stocks. Through technical and fundamental analysis investors and traders look for stocks that are worth less today than they will be a decade from now, next year, tomorrow, an hour for now or in five minutes. The time frame depends, obviously, on whether the […]

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Investment and Panama Canal Expansion Delays

In late 2012 we wrote that Increase Your Win Rate With The Award-Nominated Trading Toolkit seldom has a major construction project had such as wide ranging effect on investment opportunity as the Panama Canal expansion. Panama investment and the Panama Canal expansion are easy to understand. But there are wider ranging connections to investment and […]

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