Smart Cell Tower Investing

An investment that fits into the skill set of a smart long term investor is cell phone tower investment. A cell phone tower or cell site is where the phone company places a base receiver station or mobile phone mast. This technology allows for use of cell phones throughout the entire service area of the provider. Cell phone service providers own less than ten percent of these installations. They lease the rest. There are hundreds of thousands of these relay stations in the USA and Canada as well as throughout the world. Cell Tower Gold estimates that there are roughly 370,000 of these sites available for purchase, ownership, and resale in the USA alone.

Smart Cell Tower Investing

Smart cell tower investing, like all investing, starts with sound fundamental analysis. Where are the sites? Who owns them? Are they willing to sell and if so, for what price? Are there factors that might complicate a sale and are there ways to fix the complications to make the deal more profitable for you? Can you get financing if you buy? Do you have cash to invest? Do you have a list of eventual buyers who want to add to cell phone site leases to their investment portfolios? Start with a Sunday drive and look up at building tops, towers, hill tops, etc. Take a map with you and mark down the sites. Go online and visit You will find many cell sites listed on this web site. Then go and find out who owns the property on which the cell tower is located. The next part of smart cell tower investing is to talk to the owner and find out if he or she is interested in selling the property or even just the lease portion. If you run into a business owner who is strapped for cash you might be able to provide him with a cash infusion in return for his lease on a rooftop cell tower. If you find a failing business you may be able to help rehab the property and business in return for the lease or even purchase the entire property for eventual resale.

Buy and Hold versus Middleman

If you are looking for a sound long term investment comparable to dividend stocks, consider smart cell tower investing. Cell phone technology is likely to stay around for a long time. Cell phone leases are steady and commonly have a yearly increase built into the contract. Smart cell tower investing also includes flipping these assets. This is not a matter of day trading assets like stocks but is rather a matter of short term investing. In smart cell tower investing one finds cell sites that are in some way distressed. Especially now when it still may be difficult for some businesses to get credit, someone with cash or credit could pick up a number of these sites, fix any problems like rehabbing offices to attract renters or working to get overly high tax rates decreased. A viable approach to smart cell tower investing is to find long term investors who will pay you a percentage as well as for your time and costs to find these properties and bring them to the point of sale. A good way to gain excellent insight into this business is the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold.

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