Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment

Your return on cell tower lease investment should account for both capital expended and time spent. To the extent that a profitable cell phone tower investment simply falls into your lap your concern should be gross minus costs equals net. To the extent that you need to spend time looking for cell towers, approaching owners, creating deals, and finding buyers, you need to consider what you might be making on your day job as well. There are several ways to profit in buying, holding, and selling cell site leases. You may simply choose to buy a property and collect lease payments. If the property has other uses you may choose to run a business there or rent the property and collect rent checks as well. Many choose to flip these properties. It is certainly possible to make money on cell tower investing by finding distressed properties, buying them, rehabbing, and selling as packages or in parts. A smart cell tower investor often has a buyer in the wings who wants a collection of these properties and is willing to pay a premium for someone else to do the work and set up the deals. Your return on cell tower lease investment will often depend upon where you fit in the scheme of things in cell tower lease investing.

What and Where Are Cell Towers?

Cell towers are the connection points in the mobile phone network. There are hundreds of thousands of these sites throughout North America. Because the technology requires line of sight from relay point to relay point these relay points are on the tops of tall towers, buildings, and hill tops.

What Do Leases Have to Do With This?

Because of the very large number of relay sites necessary for phone grids phone companies typically own just a few percent and lease the rest from private owners. Because these sites are needed for the indefinite future leases are commonly for a quarter of a century, namely twenty-five years. Because of the effect of inflation on the value of these leases they commonly contain a provision for yearly increases. According to Cell Tower Gold there are about 370,000 such sites in the USA that could provide investment opportunity under the right conditions. For one to gain a good return on cell tower lease investment it is necessary to learn about how the system works, how leases are written, where there are cell towers, and who owns them.

Where Do I Go and What Do I Do?

Go online to or simply look up to the tops of towers or tall buildings where you live. If you have cell phone reception there are cell towers near you. If you are interested in making money through smart cell tower investing take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn about the cell phone tower leasing business. Learn how to approach cell site owners, find creative solutions to their problems, rehab properties, find buyers for properties that you have acquired, and find financing along the way. Your return on cell tower lease investment can be a lot better when you start out with the right advice from Cell Tower Gold.

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