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Cell Tower Leases – a Great Investment Idea

Within the range of profitable investments are cell tower leases a great investment idea? Or are there pitfalls that could lead to losses? Here are a few thoughts on the subject. When are cell tower leases a great investment idea and when are there potential problems to avoid. We will start with a little background […]


Structuring Cell Site Lease Deals

You can make a lot of money in cell site tower lease investing . But, in order to do so you will need to follow several steps. You need to find a property and you need to convince the owner to sell this property containing a cell tower lease. Then, when you resell, securitize, or […]


Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment

Your return on cell tower lease investment should account for both capital expended and time spent. To the extent that a profitable cell phone tower investment simply falls into your lap your concern should be gross minus costs equals net. To the extent that you need to spend time looking for cell towers, approaching owners, […]


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