Create Cell Tower Lease Securities

There are around 370,000 cell tower sites in the continental United States that an investor may be able to purchase and sell under the right conditions and for the right price. Those who choose to learn how to find cell phone sites, approach the owners of the leases, and negotiate profitable deals may find wireless cell site investing to be very profitable. An interesting and profitable approach to the cell tower lease business is to create cell tower lease securities. But first a bit about cell phone sites and leases.

The Cell Phone Network and Leases

Cell phone calls travel via a mobile phone mast from one base receiver station to the next. Cell sites are relay points and are the backbone of the mobile communications system. On the tops of towers, tall buildings, or hilltops these relay points relay upon line of sight for communication from one to the other. Phone companies need a lot of these to cover a service area and fewer than ten percent of these towers are owned by the phone companies. Phone companies pay to lease property to fill out the remaining sites in their grids. Investing in cellular tower leases starts with identifying phone sites and finding their owners. A separate skill set is to approach owners and find out what sort of a deal you need to make to have them sell you their lease or even their entire property. The entire business is easier if you have a buyer at the end to which you can sell these properties. Many of these buyers create cell tower lease securities out of a collection of these leases.

Learning from Those with Experience

You may simply wish to buy and sell cell sites for profit. Or you may want to create cell tower lease securities as part of the business. To make money in this business you will want to avoid making common mistakes as you start up. For a short course in the basics of cell tower investing, sign up for the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn how to find buyers before looking for sellers. Learn how companies create cell tower lease securities. Learn the pricing of this business from monthly lease payments and terms to more sophisticated approaches such as when you create cell tower lease securities. For starters learn how to find cell towers and approach owners. Learn a few tips about how to create solutions that you, the current owner of the lease, and the eventual buyer will all agree to. Take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold and jump start your efforts in successfully trading cellular tower leases.

Collecting Wireless Cell Tower Assets

An alternative to buying and selling is buy and hold. You can simply collect lease payments on your leases or create cell tower lease securities of your own and profit from selling them to interested investors.

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