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Cell Tower Return on Investment Formula

Cell tower leases can be great long term investments. And cell phone tower investment can be a short term affair in which you pick up a property with a cell site, do a bit of rehabbing, and sell for a tidy profit. As with any potentially profitable investment you will want a fair return on […]


Cellular Phone Tower Lease Deals

According to Cell Tower Gold there are as many as 370,000 possible cellular phone tower lease deals to be made in the USA alone. Wireless cell site investing is a useful alternative to investing in stocks, especially dividend stocks . These leases pay over a lease period of twenty-five years or more and often have […]


Structuring Cell Site Lease Deals

You can make a lot of money in cell site tower lease investing . But, in order to do so you will need to follow several steps. You need to find a property and you need to convince the owner to sell this property containing a cell tower lease. Then, when you resell, securitize, or […]


Cell Site Lease Stocks

There are a number of profitable approaches to cell site tower lease investing. One is the purchase of cell site lease stocks. A recent article in the news pointed out the effect of low interest rates on retirement savings. It used to be that a million dollars was a great nest egg. But when savings […]


Cell Site Tower Lease Investing

There are a number of profitable approaches to cell site tower lease investing. Cell sites are the relay nodes in the mobile phone network. They are placed in high locations such as on towers or the tops of buildings to provide line of sight connection with adjacent towers. There are hundreds of thousands of these […]


Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment

Your return on cell tower lease investment should account for both capital expended and time spent. To the extent that a profitable cell phone tower investment simply falls into your lap your concern should be gross minus costs equals net. To the extent that you need to spend time looking for cell towers, approaching owners, […]


Wireless Cell Tower Assets

For those interested in a balanced portfolio of stocks, real estate, and rent or lease payments wireless cell tower assets may be just the right fit. A nice feature of wireless cell tower assets is that the phone company pays lease payments on the building top, hill top, or tower on which they place their […]


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