Wireless Cell Tower Assets

For those interested in a balanced portfolio of stocks, real estate, and rent or lease payments wireless cell tower assets may be just the right fit. A nice feature of wireless cell tower assets is that the phone company pays lease payments on the building top, hill top, or tower on which they place their mobile phone mast. There is no running around looking to find renters who are behind on their rent. There is commonly not a problem with the phone company going bankrupt and not paying the lease. And, the leases on wireless cell tower assets typically have clauses where payments go up year by year. One can purchase wireless cell tower assets to hold for the lease payments and one can purchase wireless cell tower assets to rehab and resell for a handsome profit. Cell Tower Gold tells us that there are roughly 370,000 sites in the USA suitable for cell phone tower investment, rehabbing, and resale.

What Cell Tower Leases Are Worth and to Whom

As with all investments, an investor needs to understand wireless cell tower assets and how ownership can be arranged and profits shared. Here we are concerned with securitization of wireless cell tower assets. There are companies that will buy your cell tower lease, once you have acquired it. They will, in turn, turn your wireless cell tower assets into securities, shares of stock for example. In doing so they will do fundamental analysis of the current and future value of the lease payments and underlying property. Investors will buy shares of a cell tower lease portfolio. Your job as the buyer of a cell site lease is to turn around and sell the lease to an investment firm which will, in turn, turn the investment into a set of securities. Having such a buyer lined up before you go hunting for cell phone tower site leases is smart. For more about turning cell phone site leases into a batch of securities, take the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold.

Getting Started

A cheap way to get started with wireless cell tower assets is to take a drive and look for cell tower sites. Another is to look online for www.AntennaSearch.com. There are cell towers near you and you can find lots of sites online. Contact the owners of these properties to find out if they are interested in selling. If this opportunity really sounds good to you, take the Cell Tower Gold course and do things right from the beginning. Learn how to approach lease owners, how to evaluate leases and properties, and how to find cell site investors who will happily buy from you once you have done the leg work.

Making Money

To make money on cell tower investing, you will want to learn the ropes, make a plan, and follow the plan. As with many investments, learning from an expert will make your job a lot easier. If you started investing in stocks by working with a stock trading coach you will know what we mean. Find someone, like Cell Tower Gold, who knows what to do and how to do it and fast track your foray into wireless cell tower assets.

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