Wireless Cell Site Investing

A strong alternative to investing in stocks is wireless cell site investing This kind of investment uses many of the skills that a smart long term investor has already developed. Cell phone tower investment involves the wireless base receiver stations or mobile phone masts that are the backbone of the mobile phone industry. A unique aspect of wireless cell site investing is that cell phone companies own just a small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of cell sites in North America. The vast majority are privately owned and leased to the phone companies. In fact, Cell Tower Gold estimates that there are roughly 370,000 of these sites available for purchase, ownership, and resale just in the USA.

Wireless Cell Site Investing

Wireless cell site investing requires, like all investment, fundamental analysis. If you are interested in wireless cell site investing, Cell Tower Gold offers a course that will give you an overview of the industry, explain who might be willing to sell a cell site and the lease, provide you with a list of options for wireless cell site investing, and help you identify specific sales prospects.

Specifics: Where Are the Cell Sites?

Start by driving around and looking at the tops of buildings, towers, hill tops, etc. Take a map with and mark down the cell sites. Go online and visit www.AntennaSearch.com. You will find many cell sites listed on this web site. The next step is to find out who owns the property. Then you will want to talk to the owner to see if he or she is interested in selling the property or even just the lease portion. If you find a business owner who is strapped for cash you might be able to provide him with cash in return for his lease. You may be able to help rehab the property of a failing business and keep the profitable portions including the lease. There are smart investors who have a number of cell site leases in their portfolios.

Buying, Holding, and Selling

Wireless cell site investing can provide you win income comparable to stable dividend stocks. The technology is durable and leases are commonly for twenty-five years. A well written lease has an escalator clause that increases lease payments year by year. However, many investors see wireless cell site investing as a short to medium term process. In other words, wireless cell site investing can be a matter of picking up a distressed asset, rehabbing it, and selling later for a handsome profit. A smart approach to wireless cell site investing is to develop a list of long term investors for the cell sites that you will find and rehab. You may set up a deal in which you are paid for time and expenses and receive a handsome commission on the transfer of assets. Or you may be able to set terms of eventual sale with your buyer and then find cell sites for cheap. In this case you will pocket all of the profit. Check out the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold and profit from wireless cell site investing.

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