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What is Intrinsic Stock Value?

Intrinsic stock value is a concept that emerged from the carnage of the 1929 to 1932 stock market crash. It is a way to invest rationally as opposed to investing by guess work, which is closer to gambling. To get a sense of the way this concept changed the face of investing we need to go back to an era where investing in the stock market really did resemble gambling at the casino.
“Playing the Market” in the 1920s
A common expression during the steady rise of the American stock market in the roaring twenties was to “play the stock market.” Many […]

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Why Does Dividend Growth Investing Work So Well?

Among the more successful approaches to long term investing, dividend stocks provide a steady income stream as well as the ability to reinvest without paying fees. When evaluating dividend stocks to add to their portfolios, wise investors look for a long history of continual dividend payments and a steady stream of dividend increases. When you use this approach as your guide, it is referred to as dividend growth investing. Why does dividend growth investing work so well? Here are some thoughts on the subject.
Why Does Dividend Growth Investing Work So Well?
We have three simple answers to this question. They have […]

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Do You Use a System for Investing?

Investors are always on the lookout for profitable investment opportunities. And a profitable investment tip may make the difference between a dismal investment portfolio and a stellar one. But, profitable investing tips may require some work before you can put them to use. Do you use a system for investing? You should because that is how you can sort out good tips from bad and pick the best opportunities. Years back we wrote about investing tips.
The best investing tips commonly have to do with how to go about the business of investing. Specific investing tips from your broker, your best […]

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How to Make Money through Investing in Stocks

People invest in order to save for retirement, create a rainy day fund or simply to increase their wealth. The American stock market has provided many investors with excellent returns. But in order to succeed you need to learn how to make money through investing in stocks and not simply guess at what to do and lose money in the process. In fact, one of the most famous investors, Warren Buffett, half-jokingly says that the first rule of investing is not to lose money and the second rule is not to forget the first rule! If you watch what investors […]

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Three Investing Mistakes to Avoid

The stock market has been on an upward climb for the last six years. By two years ago it recovered all losses from the 2008 crash. The US economy is growing at an annualized five percent. What could go wrong? The answer is, lots of things could go wrong. Fundamental analysis of your investments is […]

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European Investment Prospects

The economy is looking bleak in Europe. The Japanese recession may be more severe than previously believed. Our interest is in European investment prospects at this time. According to GMA News Online a recent Euro zone warning of a massive weakening of the economy has hit stocks and is serving to keep the price of […]

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Value Investing for 2015

The best stock investments in 2014 were solid stocks to begin with that continued to appreciate as the market rallied. This will likely be the case going into 2015. Value investing in 2015 will likely be where the money is. As an example, Jim Cramer, the Mad Money host, says not to look for losers […]

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Buy or Sell Stock Futures

The stock market has been volatile recently. Last week the market lost virtually all of the gains for the year and now the market has recouped most of those losses. Where is the market going next? Is it time to buy or sell stock futures? According to Bloomberg U.S. and European stock futures drop because […]

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Where Are the Best Stock Investments Today?

Where are the best investments today? Anyone who invested in stocks in January of 2014 has probably made money by October. But the market rally is starting to sputter. In retrospect one of the surest ways to make money in stock investing this year would have been to buy shares in an ETF that tracks […]

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Basics of Successful Investing I

Successful investing is not a matter of luck, tips or playing the market. Three basics of successful investing are sound fundamental analysis, appropriate risk management and patience in waiting for investment opportunities. Let us start with risk management first of all.
Risk Management in Your Life and Investments
Investing is part of life and not a separate entity. So, it is important to have your financial life in order before even starting to invest. Build a stable financial platform for your life first of all.
Pay off any credit card debts: It is difficult for a beginner to make 18% a year on […]

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