Your Investments and the Weakening Dollar

The dollar has fallen by an eighth against a basket of currencies since its high point in March. How will a weakening dollar affect your investments? The last point of comparison was in 2017. Why is the dollar falling? Will the current trend continue? And, how should you position your investment portfolio to account for a weakening dollar?

Why Is the Dollar Falling?

The dollar is a safe haven currency for people all over the world. When times are difficult, investment tends to flow into the USA and strengthen the dollar. Now that vaccines are expected […]

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Best Stocks to Invest In

For generations, the U.S. stock market has been the best and most reliable money-making machine on the planet. But, how to get started investing and take advantage of the stock market’s power is always the issue. The average return on the basket of stocks in the S&P 500 has been 10% per year per year ever since the index began as the Composite Index of 90 stocks back in 1926. Today the S&P 500 is a group of 500 stocks that accurately mirror the U.S. stock market as well as the U.S. economy. Are the best stocks to invest in […]

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Why Invest in Boeing?

Not long ago we wrote about whether or not Boeing would need to outsource production in order to remain profitable. That question largely had to do with the threat of a long-term trade war and Boeing potentially losing markets as a result. The trade war may well be on its way to at least a temporary resolution so the question is why invest in Boeing over the long term? Essentially Boeing is a cash cow with a dominant position in an increasingly higher and higher cost of entry business. Its only real competitor is Airbus as the two of them […]

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How to Invest in Stocks

Beginning investors will want to learn how to invest in stocks before sending money to a broker or putting it in an IRA. There are a number of ways how to invest in stocks. There are also a number of types of stocks to invest in. When learning how to invest in stocks the beginning investor will want to choose the easiest and most productive options first. For example, some companies match an employee’s IRA contributions. This gives the person an immediate 100% profit on their investment. Investing through an IRA or 401k or 403b plan will allow the person […]

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How Do You Choose Which Assets Classes to Invest In?

You have enough money to start investing. But, before you consider how to start investing in the stock market, you want to get your financial house in order. Our article on that subject suggests that the first thing to do is pay off your credit cards and the second is to buy your own home. Once you have a rainy day fund in the bank for emergencies you want to consider investments. The stock market is a good choice but it not the only one. What other asset classes are there? Stocks, bonds, short term investments (cash), and real estate […]

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How to Achieve Financial Independence

We celebrate Independence Day and our freedom to live and speak as we wish without the rule of a foreign power. But what do we do with that freedom. How can we prosper in a free country? This article is about how to achieve financial independence. We achieve financial independence through hard work and profitable investing. The stock market is typically the best way to multiply your investment capital. Learn how to invest and start on your road to financial independence.
Learning how to invest successfully can pay dividends for a lifetime. In learning how to invest an individual will learn […]

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Useful Stock Investment Information

Useful stock investment information comes in several sizes and shapes. Not all investment advice and counsel is useful, so those interested in long term investing, options trading, day trading of stocks, or commodities trading should remember the old Roman saying about the buyer needing to beware. To find useful stock information in a stock advice […]

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Current Gold Prices

If you are one of the folks who habitually buy gold bullion as a hedge against inflation, current gold prices are a little disconcerting. Investing in gold was all the rage in the first years of the century as gold rose from $300 an ounce to $1,900 an ounce. After peaking in 2011, gold has […]

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Investing in Turnarounds

In the aftermath of the worst economic recession in nearly eighty years there are a lot of companies that are just putting themselves back together. The prime example was the company that once was the world’s largest corporation and the world’s largest auto maker. Things got so bad that General motors filed for bankruptcy and […]

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UNH Stock Response to Obama Care Problems

The Affordable Care Act is a laudable attempt to fix many issues relating to affordable access to medical care. And the news is full of the problems related to the roll out of the system. Insurance companies and Health Maintenance Organizations are central to the Affordable Care Act as these companies have had to rewrite […]

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