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Perhaps you have had your money in a mutual fund and are dismayed at poor returns and occasional losses. Maybe your money was in a hedge fund that went down in flames in the 2008 market crash. And, it might be that you invested in South Florida real estate just before the bubble burst. If any of these scenarios, or more, fit you, you may be interested in profitable investment alternatives. By suggesting profitable investment alternatives we are not going to send you chasing after another set of bad investments. This article and this web site are more about learning the skill that feed you for a lifetime rather than providing a free and fancy lunch in a nice restaurant just for today. Our view is that there really is no free lunch and that sound fundamental analysis pays dividends now and for years to come. The old saying is that there is always a bull market somewhere. Finding profitable investment alternatives to what you have been doing may take new insights but most takes a bit of homework.

Invest in Your Own Back Yard, or Not

Providing that you are willing to do a bit of research into profitable investment alternatives, we can suggest, as we did in a previous article, Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas. As we noted,

The worst recession in three quarters of a century has taken its toll on economies throughout the world. Some have been hit worse than others. Some countries will come back strong. And, some countries never had a recession.

We went on to mention Brazil, Colombia, and Panama where Investment and the Panama Canal Expansion go hand in hand. When growth is not so good at home it is often time to look for profitable investment alternatives offshore.

Taking a Second Look and Doing Your Homework

It is very tempting to hand your investment portfolio off to an expert who promises to provide a fantastic return on investment each and every year. When the returns don’t come in it is not time to listen to excuses but to take a second look at what you are doing and do your own homework. Investment need not be exotic in order to make money. Look for profitable investment alternatives in things that you know about. It makes the research easier. Look for intrinsic stock value, the predicted return on an investment over the years. Look for a margin of safety, the safety net that protects your investment during bad times. Often times picking sound investments is simply a matter of choosing among a number of dividend stocks and not a matter of finding good financial advisors.

Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals

There are companies like Proctor and Gamble, Coca Cola, and 3M that sell things throughout the world. Their version of a bad year is to lose a few percent in stock value while still paying dividends. Their version of a good year is to pop up 30%. Smart stock investors never invest in a company unless they understand just how the company makes its money. Then these same investors only invest in stocks of companies that show the potential for a steady return on investment year after year after year. There are always profitable investment alternatives if you do your homework.

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