Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas

The worst recession in three quarters of a century has taken its toll on economies throughout the world. Some have been hit worse than others. Some countries will come back strong. And, some countries never had a recession. With this in mind we would like to present three good offshore investment ideas. There are a number of ways to invest outside of your nation of origin. You can move to another country, seek residency, learn the language and start a business. You can also set up an international business corporation in a foreign jurisdiction, bank internationally, and save you profits in a currency like the Colombian peso which has outpaced all other currencies versus the US dollar in 2012. An excellent alternative to moving away from home is to invest in companies that do business in the growing regions of the world. Think of Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble, and 3M when you looking for three good offshore investment ideas. Our own three good offshore investment ideas come from south of the US/Mexican border. Make money by investing in Latin America, specifically Panama, Colombia, and Brazil. Interested? Read our three good offshore investment ideas.

Brazil: Not Just Coffee

The leading coffee producer by volume in the world is Brazil. But, Brazil has gotten its economic act together, encouraged investment, developed its technological base, and found oil, lots of oil. Estimates of deep sea oil finds put Brazil’s oil reserves at or above those of Saudi Arabia. The country has well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors. Brazil’s economy dominates of all other South American countries and it is expanding into world markets. Real estate prices have risen along with general prosperity and the middle class is growing and becoming richer. Take a flight to Rio de Janeiro and buy a condo. Watch while your property values rise. Set up a bank account in Brazil and watch your savings grow in Brazilian Reals, the local currency. Or simply buy stock in companies like Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble, 3M, or Marriott who already do business there. These could be three good offshore investment ideas.

Colombia: Better Coffee and Now Safer Too

Colombia is emerging from a decades-long civil war and making use of its rich resource base, talent, and free trade connections. The nation has free trade agreements with Canada, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, the EU, Venezuela, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, and Israel. It belongs to the Andean Community and Caribbean Community trade organizations. Colombia is historically the producer of lots of high quality Arabica coffee bearing the Juan Valdez seal of approval of the Colombian Coffee Growers association. Fly to Bogotá, Cartagena, or a city in the coffee growing district, like Manizales and buy property. Like an investment in Rio your real estate investment may well prosper. Likewise, foreigners can do business in Colombia. Or you can invest in oil companies, mining companies, or coffee exporters who do business there and count your dividends. Bank your profits in Colombian pesos and get an extra kick as the peso has outperformed all other currencies versus the dollar in 2012. These could be three good offshore investment ideas. If value investing for long term profits is your thing, think of Colombia.

Panama and Passage from Pacific to Atlantic

The Panama Canal Expansion will soon funnel much more trade through the old Panama Canal. The country never had a recession after 2008. When things were most bleak elsewhere Panama had a 3.5% growth rate. Buy property along the new metro line, rent to businesses, and bank you rent checks in dollars. Set up an offshore service center using skilled, English proficient workers at “offshore” rates. Or, notice the North American companies that do business here and invest in them. Again, these could be three good offshore investment ideas. In fact, if you are investing for retirement you might just consider a “pensionado” visa and retire to this tropical paradise.

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