Chinese Companies Hit by Yuan Devaluation

If you were thinking of investing in Chinese stocks, think again. China troubles are not over as Chinese companies are hit by the Yuan devaluation. Bloomberg Business reports that China Forex losses jump 13-fold and there is more to come.
The impact of August’s yuan devaluation has shown up in Chinese publicly traded companies’ annual results – and investors are bracing for more pain.
Some 980 listed Chinese companies reported combined foreign-exchange losses of 48.7 billion yuan ($7.5 billion) for last year, almost 13 times the amount in 2014, Bloomberg-compiled data show. Profits at those firms slumped 11 percent last year to […]

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Will a Weaker Dollar Hurt Stocks?

The dollar is heading for its worst month this decade after Fed Chairman Janet Yellen reiterated that the Fed will move cautiously in raising interest rates. For the investors the question is, will a weaker dollar hurt stocks or help? Bloomberg Business writes about Yellen sending the dollar to its worst month since 2010.
The dollar headed for its worst month in 5 1/2 years after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen doused speculation the U.S. central bank will pick up the pace of interest-rate increases. The yen strengthened.
A gauge of the greenback approached the lowest since June after Yellen said the […]

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Is the South Korean Won a Good Surrogate for Betting Against China?

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As the Chinese stock market takes its pratfalls many investors wish they could trade Chinese stocks in that market. Some would wait for the market to bottom out in order to buy […]

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Currency Exchange Rates and Investing Offshore

There is a definite profitable advantage to be had when seeking favorable currency exchange rates and investing offshore. This applies to specific offshore investment ideas such as vacation rental property and stocks and to foreign direct investment on a larger scale. Using Colombia and the current state of the Colombian peso as an example we […]

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Invest in Rebuilding the Jersey Shore

As hurricane Sandy has passed it is time to assess the damage and rebuild. Such times remind us of the frailty of human life and endeavors. Such times also bring us together to build a new and rebuild better than before. The New Jersey governor says he will ask the Army Corps of Engineers for […]

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Forex Swing Trading Strategy

If you have money to invest it can be difficult to make a decision about the best market to enter, but forex has enough flexibility to offer something for everyone. Unlike many other types of asset, it provides the opportunity to continue to make a profit even in an economic downturn. However, once you have […]

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USD/JPY Set For Potential Rise in 2011

2010 was a wild year for USD JPY as bears attacked the pair mercilessly, driving it down in a very clean trend to all-time lows by year end. In late October, USD JPY hit its all-time low of 80.20. In this article, we are going to discuss what drove USD JPY down so aggressively in […]

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Forex Trading Software – What Non-Successful Forex Traders Should Know

Software for foreign exchange has lots of benefits for people who were covered by it. Thus, users could make their own proper decision. Those who are successful can earn significant profits with minimal effort. For the trader who has difficulty keeping his emotions out of his trades, this is a definite advantage. FREE: Claim Your […]

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Forex Trading: What Makes Most Amateur Traders Fail?

Method complexity syndrome is a chief culprit that strikes novice traders repeatedly. They investigate a trading method, make a purchase, and the second they get it in their hands, they fast-forward to where “the guts” of the method appear to be located. By going at it like that, they entirely disregard the other important parts […]

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Advice for Managing Your Forex Trades

A common issue was discovered when we spoke with some Forex traders about one of the problems they faced while their trades were in progress, and that was that they often saw their winning trades become losing trades. FREE: Claim Your Copy of My 3 Secret Chart Settings Ebook As we have discussed previously, if […]

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