Cellular Phone Tower Lease Deals

According to Cell Tower Gold there are as many as 370,000 possible cellular phone tower lease deals to be made in the USA alone. Wireless cell site investing is a useful alternative to investing in stocks, especially dividend stocks . These leases pay over a lease period of twenty-five years or more and often have an escalator clause that increases payments with time. You can simply buy a cell tower lease from the owner and hold it or you can make cellular phone tower lease deals in search of short term profits. An interesting and often profitable variation on buy and sell cellular phone tower lease deals is to invest in or ever create cell tower lease securities . But, first of all, a little information about the industry would be helpful.

Cellular Phone Towers and Leases

The wireless base receiver stations or mobile phone masts that are the backbone of the mobile phone industry are located in the tops of buildings, hilltops, or on free standing towers. They need to be placed high and sufficiently close so that there is a line of sight connection from receiver station to receiver station throughout the phone grid. There are hundreds of thousands of these mobile phone masts in the USA and Canada. Cellular phone tower lease deals are an investment possibility because there are too many nodes in the phone grid for phone companies to own them all. Well over ninety percent of the sites for cellular phone receiver stations are privately owned and leased to the phone companies.

Making Cellular Phone Tower Lease Deals

Find a cell tower site and talk to the lease holder. Find out if he or she is amenable to parting with the lease or the entire property. Create a solution that works for all concerned. Hold the lease or turn around and sell it. If you have the knowledge, create securities out of a collection of these properties. Repeat this as many times as you wish. Here is where you will want to learn a bit more about how to create and execute cellular tower lease deals. Take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learning from your own mistakes is not something that you need to or ever should do. Learn from the experts and find creative ways to collect cell tower lease profits . Working with cellular tower lease deals requires, like all business, fundamental analysis . If you are interested in wireless cell site investing, take the Cell Tower Gold course. You will get an overview of the industry learn how to approach current lease holders, and how to turn all of this into a set of handsome profits.

For more useful information about making cellular phone tower lease deals, visit www.CellTowerGold.com .

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