Cell Site Tower Lease Investing

There are a number of profitable approaches to cell site tower lease investing. Cell sites are the relay nodes in the mobile phone network. They are placed in high locations such as on towers or the tops of buildings to provide line of sight connection with adjacent towers. There are hundreds of thousands of these sites across the USA alone. Phone companies own only a few percent of these sites and lease the rest. Leases commonly run for twenty-five years and often have an escalator clause that increases payments year by year. Profitable cell site tower lease investing starts with collecting lease payments for the use of your own property by the phone company. But, there is more to cell site lease investing. As noted by Cell Tower Gold, there are roughly 370,000 cell sites in the USA alone that are possible cell site tower lease investing opportunities. One can purchase the lease from the current owner and continue to collect payments. One purchase many leases and create cell tower lease securities for other investors. One can flip wireless cell tower assets as well. This approach may require a bit of rehabbing but can be profitable as well.

Cell Tower Lease Securities

Just as some investors like to have dividend stocks in their investment portfolio, others may be attracted to cell tower lease-based securities. Such securities commonly pay dividends based on the sum of returns of the various properties. A profitable approach to cell site tower lease investing is to scout out cell sites, purchase one or more, and sell to the companies that convert these sites into securities. Alternatively, if one has capital to invest an attractive idea would be to set up the company that creates securities from cell sites and profit from each step in the process.

Flipping Cell Site Leases

Many owners of cell tower leases will be perfectly happy with their situation and others may be very happy to unload the lease and even their entire property. If you are good at creative solutions you may find that you can pick up both lease and property for a good price, fix problems along the way, and come out with a more valuable property. Then you may wish to keep it, sell it, or create securities from it and other cell site leases. Cell site tower lease investing can be very profitable for those who are good at paying attention and thinking on their feet.

So, Where Do I Start?

A very simple approach is to go for a drive on a Sunday afternoon. Look around and especially up. You will see relay masts on the tops of tall buildings and free standing towers. Find out who owns the property and approach them. You may be surprised by what you find. And, if you would like a bit of insight into how to approach site owners, create deals, and make money at cell site tower lease investing, take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold.

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