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Bank Stock Analysis

Bank stock analysis with both technical and fundamental analysis will be critical in sorting out profitable investments in large US banks. The recent news about a possible huge law suit against several major banks sent bank stocks tumbling across the board. The fundamentals lie in the risk to bank solvency from the huge numbers of mortgage defaults that have happened and continue to happen across the USA. It turns out that Bank of America – BAC,¬†JPMorgan Chase – JPM, and others sold many mortgages to the government-backed mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Now we hear in the news […]


Learn from Other Traders

To be successful in stock or Forex trading you need to know things and you need specific skills. An effective way to obtain these in Forex and stock trading is to learn from other traders. You may be a complete novice at stock trading or you may have years of experience in Forex trading. In […]


Binary Options Trading Risk Management

As with any financial investment, there is a level of risk involved in binary option trading. While a single trade has the potential to generate an enormous profit in an instant, there is also the possibility of losing everything just as quickly. This is why binary option trading is often called all or nothing trading, […]


First Day of Stock Trading

The first day of stock trading for LinkedIn was spectacular as the stock soared from an opening $45 a share to close above $90 a share. LinkedIn is a professional networking website. Individuals join LinkedIn. They can search for jobs, recruit employees, or find industry expertise. It is possible to post a resume or personal […]


Stock Quotes for Stock Trading

Trading of stocks is the base of the stock market across the world. Stock exchanges play a major role in displaying the stock prices. It has changed the very facet of the trading world; with a click of the mouse, you can view the latest information on stock prices or get stock quotes online no […]


Learning from Stock Trading Forums

Learning from stock trading forums is a good practice for traders. What are stock trading forums? These are websites that allow investors, traders and anyone interested in the investment world, to share information, knowledge, tips, etc. with people having similar interests. FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! We are not suggesting that […]


Option Investing

Options are one of the most flexible trading instruments available to investors and are a terrific means of increasing your income. Options trading is less costly than stock trading and also gives a highly leveraged approach that can significantly reduce the total risk associated with a trade. When you trade options, a contract exists concerning […]


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