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Bank stock analysis with both technical and fundamental analysis will be critical in sorting out profitable investments in large US banks. The recent news about a possible huge law suit against several major banks sent bank stocks tumbling across the board. The fundamentals lie in the risk to bank solvency from the huge numbers of mortgage defaults that have happened and continue to happen across the USA. It turns out that Bank of America – BAC, JPMorgan Chase – JPM, and others sold many mortgages to the government-backed mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Now we hear in the news that the US Federal Housing Agency will probably sue Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and others with the claim that these banks provided misleading information in selling the loans. The other bad news for Bank of America is that the Federal Reserve has pointedly asked Bank of America what it intends to do if its financial situation worsens. Here is where studious bank stock analysis will be necessary for successful investing.

There are already law suits against several major banks pressed by the attorney generals of all fifty states. These suits will be dwarfed by the US Federal Housing Agency if it, in fact, goes forward. There have been large numbers of bank foreclosures in the wake of the 2008 stock market meltdown and worst recession in nearly 80 years. Now more of the major banks may be at risk. There is talk already of another bailout with the US tax payer picking up the tab, again. However, this time the talk leans toward taxpayer ownership of these banks. If the situation gets bad enough banks will need to issue stock to raise capital. Doing so will drive down their stock prices. The investor interested in picking bank stocks at bargain prices will need to read the situation carefully with bank stock analysis in order to get in at the bottom of the price curve and not throw away their money on buying a stock on a bank that then goes bankrupt. Buying preferred stock might be an option in such a case as it puts one ahead of ordinary shareholders for payment if a bank goes under. Certainly how to invest in stocks of failing companies is to tread softly but there is a history in the USA of not letting the biggest companies fail. Many have earned handsome profits applying a “blood in the streets” strategy to buying failing stocks.

As always we are not suggesting that one buy bank stocks or avoid them. Bank stock analysis whether it be of Bank of America or any of the big banks currently in trouble can be instructive. The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, implied that the Fed would step in with further economic stimulation if the slowly recovering economy weakens. Successful bank stock analysis will take more than guessing what the Fed will do next or if their will another fiasco on Capitol Hill when in dealing with the US debt dilemma. Investment research including close reading of quarterly financial reports will give investors an idea of just how bad the situation is and when it appears on the verge of recovering. Those who time their investments just right could end up with handsome profits.

As technology moves into banking AI, there will be many changes and those who don’t keep up will loose ground.

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