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To be successful in stock or Forex trading you need to know things and you need specific skills. An effective way to obtain these in Forex and stock trading is to learn from other traders. You may be a complete novice at stock trading or you may have years of experience in Forex trading. In either case you can learn from other traders. What do you do after a series of losses? What do you do to take already good results and make them great? Stock and Forex trading can be very isolating pursuits. Networking with others so that you can bounce ideas back and forth and learn from other traders is a path to success. Networking with other traders helps you test your ideas.

Is This a Good Idea or Am I Crazy?

Let’s say you have come upon a new and promising approach to trading the US dollar against the Euro. You can test it out in small trades or simply spend some time in simulation trading. OR, you can use the social networking function built into a platform such as WhoTrades.com. WhoTrades.com is a social network for traders across the world. Using a platform such as WhoTrades.com you can have easy access to other traders whom you otherwise would never have met. It provides up to date blogs from other traders, experts in their fields. If you are wondering if your new trading idea is good or crazy, network and learn from other traders.

An All in One Platform

Think of yourself texting another trader on Skype, checking the news on CNN and following the S&P 500 on a hectic day. Does this picture seem crazy and inefficient? It should! Now think of having social media functionality packaged with trading functionality in one platform. That is what WhoTrades.com offers. WhoTrades.com users can connect with full-fledged functionality for trading on stock and Forex markets while maintaining brisk and useful social media connections as well. This platform helps you learn from individual traders who are engaged in stock trading or Forex trading and connect to educational events. Use this platform to mirror the results of successful traders across the globe. Whether you are totally new to trading or a seasoned pro that is looking to network more broadly, take a look at WhoTrades.com and learn from other traders.

About WhoTrades.com

WhoTrades.com is a social network for traders. The platform is designed to educate, enhance communication, and provide an all in one platform for blogging and networking between traders. The focus of our members is trading, either equities or currencies.

  • Use WhoTrades.com to interact in real time with traders in all corners of the globe, exchange ideas and pick up new skill sets.
  • Visit WhoTrades.com to learn from other traders, either specific useful details about trading or personal advice about how to cope with the pressures of daily online day trading.
  • Copy and paste the strategies and skill sets that you learn from other traders on WhoTrades.com.

This platform provides an interface with traders in nations across the globe and in twenty-one languages! Wondering about how Germans perceive the European Central Bank’s new quantitative easing program? Check it out on WhoTrades.com. Would you like a little more insight into how the collapsing housing market in China is affecting the Yuan? Ask on WhoTrades.com and translate your new found information into successful Forex trading the next minute!

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