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Investments for New Investors

Everybody who invests has a starting point. They hope to experience profitable investing over the years. But, they may fall prey to bad stock tips, pump and dump schemes, or other investing pitfalls. On the other hand, they may choose solid dividend stocks or investments where they will not lose any money but will forego huge profits. Choosing the best investments of new investors depends on their risk appetite, risk tolerance, investment timeline, and the time and energy they have available for managing their investment portfolio.

Best Investments for New Investors Today

Over the long run, […]


Realistic Stock Investment Expectations

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If you are investing in stocks in order to get a better return over the years than rolling over CDs at your bank you have realistic investment expectations. If you are hoping […]


Make Money Investing

The first order of business if you want to make money investing is fundamental analysis of the investment opportunity. In the years after the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression investors learned the concepts of intrinsic value and margin of safety. No longer was investing in the stock market akin to […]


Investing in Foreign Stocks

In our article, Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas, we suggest that one opportunity for offshore investment is to find companies that work offshore. Another viable option is investing in foreign stocks. The easiest way to do this is with American Depository Receipts, ADR’s. How to invest in stocks from offshore companies is to invest in […]


Profit From the End of ObamaCare

With the United States Supreme Court ready to strike down the Affordable Care Act investors may wish to think of ways to profit from the end of Obamacare. Much of the talk these days centers on the constitutionality of provisions in Obamacare. However, many insurance companies have invested and are investing heavily to profit from […]


Best Places on Earth to Invest

Where are the best places on earth to invest? How about Japan, as it recovers from the worst earthquake and resulting tsunami in its recorded history?  Or does Europe look promising as it takes care of its sovereign debt crisis. Is Vietnam going to become the workshop for outsourcing from China as Chinese wages rise? […]


Invest in Apple for the Dividend

Is it time to invest in Apple for the dividend instead of projected growth? It has been about fifteen years since Apple last paid a dividend. Now the new CEO, Tim Cook, says that Apple will be paying a quarterly dividend and will be buying back shares. According to Apple the combined dividends and stock […]


Profit from a Stock Selloff

While debt jitters drive markets lower successful investors ask themselves how to profit from a stock selloff. The traditional way that long term investors profit from a stock selloff is to pick up bargains when a falling tide lowers all ships. This approach requires fundamental analysis of individual stocks prior to the day that the […]


Investing in Microsoft Patents

When one invests in Microsoft, MSFT, he is also investing in Microsoft patents. This thought comes to mind as a war of words rages between Google and Microsoft. Microsoft has come to agreements with nearly a dozen smart phone makers over their production of Android devices. According to press reports payments to Microsoft from these […]


Best Stock Investing Tips

There are stock investing tips and there are best stock investing tips. Best stock investing tips are most often profitable investing tips as well. Best stock tips typically have to do with how to invest in stocks rather than exactly which stock to invest in. A valuable investing tip may also relate to selling a […]


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