Cell Tower Leases – a Great Investment Idea

Within the range of profitable investments are cell tower leases a great investment idea? Or are there pitfalls that could lead to losses? Here are a few thoughts on the subject. When are cell tower leases a great investment idea and when are there potential problems to avoid. We will start with a little background information and then the business of structuring cell phone tower lease deals .

What Is the Deal with Cell Tower Leases?

Wireless cell site investing is a strong alternative to investing in stocks. Cell phone tower investment involves the wireless base receiver stations or mobile phone masts that are the backbone of the mobile phone industry. As it turns out, cell phone companies own only a few percent of the hundreds of thousands of cell sites in the USA. Private property owners hold leases for use of well over 90% of cell sites. Cell Tower Gold tells us that there are about 370,000 of these sites available for purchase, ownership, and resale in the USA. Are cell site leases a great investment idea? The market is certainly large enough to provide lots of opportunity. Find cell tower sites. Approach the owners. Find owners who want to sell. And structure deals that give you a profit. Investing in cell tower leases requires fundamental analysis . Cell Tower Gold offers a course that will give you an overview of the industry, explain who might be willing to sell a cell site and the lease, provide you with a list of options for wireless cell site investing, and help you identify specific sales prospects.

Cell Tower Leases – a Great Investment Idea

A good investment opportunity often includes sufficient flexibility to allow you to make a profit via several routes. This is partly why cell tower leases are a great investment idea. You can buy a property and cell tower lease, rehab the property, and sell for a higher price. You can buy such a property, improve it, and collect lease payments much like when you invest in dividend stocks . And, speaking of stocks, it is possible to securitize cell tower leases. If you purchase several of these properties you can create securities, stocks. Each share has a value based on the underlying value of the properties and income stream. Each share can receive periodic payments based on lease payments. Because cell tower leases commonly run for 25 years or more this can be a great long term investment.

Making Sound Investment Decisions and Where to Go to Learn More

Cell Tower Gold’s course will give you a nice overview of the industry and very specific and potentially profitable tips on how to find cell sites, how to most effectively approach current owners, how to structure deals that are acceptable to all parties, and how to structure deals in such a way as to guarantee your profit. Cell tower leases are a great investment idea. Come to Cell Tower Gold and take a look.

For more information about this fantastic investment opportunity, visit www.CellTowerGold.com .

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