Three Profitable Facts about Cell Tower Grid Leases

Smart investors can make a handsome profit investing in cell phone site leases. The vast majority of cell phone tower sites are leased by phone companies and these leases commonly are for twenty-five years or more. Many cell site leases have escalator clauses that increase payments to keep ahead of inflation. There may be far more than three profitable facts about cell tower leases but this article focuses on only three. First of all, there are many, many investment opportunities in the realm of cell site tower lease investing. Second, it not necessary to buy and hold a cell tower site lease in order to make a profit. And third, one can convert cell tower leases into securities which can then be sold as profitable investment vehicles to interested investors. Read on for three profitable facts about cell tower grid leases.

How Many Cell Sites Are There?

According to Cell Tower Gold there are around 370,000 cell tower sites in the USA that are possible investment opportunities. Although many cell site owners may be perfectly happy with their situation many can be convinced to part with their lease and/or property. A business owner nearing retirement may wish to sell his building and a retiring farmer may wish to sell his land. Tall buildings and land with hilltops commonly are hosts to cell sites. A business owner with financial problems may be willing to part with his lease in exchange for a cash infusion or be simply looking to get out lock stock and barrel. The class offered by Cell Tower Gold will teach you how to find cell sites, evaluate them, effectively approach the current owner, and find out what it will take to become owner of a cell site lease. The first of our three profitable facts about cell tower grid leases is that many are available and have profit potential.

Buy and Hold versus Buy and Sell

When you take the Cell Tower Gold course you will learn about structuring cell site lease deals in order to maximize your profits and avoid losses. If you are at or near retirement it may simply be a good idea to buy a cell site lease or two and collect the rent checks over the years. If you are interested in the second of our three profitable facts about cell tower grid leases, considering buying, rehabbing, and selling these properties. Learn about finding sites with the most profit potential.

  • Learn how to approach owners.
  • Learn how to structure deals that are attractive to all concerned.
  • Learn how to set up deals that give you an immediate profit for your time, effort, and investment.
  • And, learn how to find potential buyers before you go shopping. With an investor in your back pocket the whole process can be easier and more profitable.

Securitizing Cell Tower Leases

Cell phone tower lease securities can be a great deal for both the buyer and the seller. A retiree may like to purchase stocks that have a collect of cell sites leases as their base. The stocks will function much like dividend stocks in that they have a base value and they generate routine income. Another approach is to purchase cell site leases and create the securities. Price these equities in such a way as to provide you with an immediate return on investment. There are more than three profitable facts about cell tower grid leases. This is to whet your investment appetite.

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