margin of safety

Investments for When the Market Falls

Despite continual nay-saying, the bull market has continued on its course, driven by profits. Corporate earnings may be taking a nosedive as we see from the most recent quarterly projection from Apple. In fact, as the coronavirus takes hold in countries outside of China, there is concern of a global economic meltdown. The New York Times writes about the threat of a pandemic in Italy.

As Italy locked down 50,000 people in 10 towns to contain the first major coronavirus outbreak in Europe – and a fifth person there died from the virus – […]

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What to Look for in Value Investing

As the bull market ages and becomes more volatile many investors are starting to hedge their bets. For some this simply means selling and holding on to cash for the time being. For others it has to do with re-balancing their investment portfolios. More and more we hear that it is time to switch over from a focus on growth and move to value investing. This is probably good advice but how do you do that? Today we consider what to look for in value investing.
Value Investing
Years ago we wrote about value investing for long term profits.
There is always a […]

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Investment Goals and Strategies

The intended end result of investing is to make and keep money. The investment goals and strategies that one uses in accomplishing this goal are many. However, the first rule, to quote Warren Buffett, is not to lose money and the second rule to continue quoting the Oracle of Omaha is not to forget rule […]

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Investment Risk Management

Investment risk management includes diversifying to balance business risk, being wary of overpriced stocks, and not confusing short term goals with long term investing techniques. Picking new winners is always the name of the game but picking them at the best price, diversifying to reduce sector risk, and choosing stocks whose prospects match your long term goals are good ways of managing investment risk.
Business risk is the risk of competition. Effectiveness of management, developing and promoting products, penetrating markets, and doing so in the most cost effective and profitable manner all go into a profitable company. Business risk is also […]

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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can provide investors with better returns over the years than a bank account or US Treasury Bonds. Stock market investing is also riskier than simply putting your money in an FDIC insured bank account or Treasuries that are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. How do you […]

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What Mother Never Told You about Stock Investing

“Save your money,” your Mother said when you received your allowance for mowing the lawn and running errands. This was in 1986. The idea was to teach you to be frugal. So, you put money in your piggy bank and eventually took all of the change to the bank and put it in your Junior […]

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No-nonsense Approach to Stock Investing

Do you want to reliably make money at stock investing? You will want to avoid undue risk, pursue a no-nonsense approach to stock investing, learn to pick stocks, and manage a stock portfolio. The purpose of a no-nonsense approach to stock investing is that no one wants to waste time with non-essentials when there is […]

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Picking Sound Investments

The keys to picking sound investments are fundamental analysis and timing. Fundamental analysis reveals the intrinsic value of a stock and its margin of safety. Technical analysis reveals current market sentiment and often allows investors to buy or sell stocks at the optimal price. Picking Sounds Investments for the Long Term Rate of Return on […]

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Discounted Stock Cash Flow

What long term investors commonly look for is discounted stock cash flow. This may sound a bit complicated but it goes to the heart of long term investing. Discounted stock cash flow is basic to one of the two pillars of long intrinsic stock value. What is intrinsic stock value? It is the current value […]

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Value Investing for Long Term Profits

In the depths of the Great Depression Benjamin Green introduced investors to the concept of value based stock investing. According to Mr. Green investors could use value based stock investing for long term profits if they based their investment choices on stock fundamentals. Value based investing works on two principles. There is always a degree […]

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