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Investments That Have Nothing to Do with China

Just the other day the stock market rallied on news that the USA and China were close to an interim trade deal. And then the market slides back on news that there would be delays and problems. Thus, any of your investments that have anything to do with China are being held hostage. In the short term, political gamesmanship is the major factor but over the long term, there are very deep and permanent issues that each nation is fighting for in this matter. A year ago we posed the question, what happens to […]


Are There Safe Investments in China?

China has been the land of investment opportunity for decades with many investments in China doing very well. The benefits of investing in China came from its emergence as a developing economy, huge population and consumer base, and cheap workforce which attracted lots of foreign direct investment. Over the years China’s stock market matured, offering investment opportunities for average investors and many Chinese companies became listed in the USA as ADRs (American Depositary Receipts). Likewise, many mutual funds provided reasonably safe investment options by including Chinese stocks in their portfolios. There has always been risk associated with investments in China […]


Soft Underbelly of Bull Market Is Too Much Debt

According to Warren Buffett the first rule of successful investing in not to lose money and the second rule is not to forget the first rule. With this sage advice in mind, what are the risks in today’s aging stock rally, both in the USA and abroad? Our considered opinion is that the soft underbelly of the bull market is too much debt. This debt excess includes that held by consumers, governments, and businesses.
Business Debt and Margin of Safety
When Steve Jobs came back to Apple he reinvigorated the company and generated lots of profits. He also built up a huge […]


Should You Invest in Asian Stocks?

Should you invest in Asian stocks or is slowing Chinese growth a reason to stay away from Asia? A look at the Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean experiences are instructive in considering the Chinese slowdown and where in Asia stocks might be going up.
Japan: Economic Powerhouse to Deflationary Economy
Japan growth was spectacular for decades after the Second World War. Technological advancement along with cheap labor and a managed currency put Japanese products in homes worldwide. Then, as the Japanese labor force aged and demanded higher wages Japan started sending jobs offshore, mostly to Southeast Asia.
Taiwan, Singapore and South Korean had […]


Russian Chinese Energy Agreement

The new Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, signed a Russian Chinese energy agreement set to provide the still-growing Chinese economy with oil and natural gas for years to come. China has worked hard to secure sources of energy for its economy for years. The thriving Chinese economy and large cash reserves have been indispensable in the […]


Chinese Manufacturing Increase

Stocks around the world responded favorably to the announcement of the first Chinese manufacturing increase in more than a year. A Chinese manufacturing increase may tell us that prospects for investment in China are positive. On the other hand, at least part of a Chinese manufacturing increase will come from sales by this export driven […]


Profit from a Global Stock Selloff

Stock markets across the world plunge on the news of an increasingly severe debt dilemma in the Euro Zone. In the meantime smart investors can look for ways to profit from a global stock selloff. United States and European stocks fell on news of increased borrowing costs in Spain. Investors fear that one more nation […]


China Oilsands Investment

The news from Calgary is of an expected China oilsands investment in Albert totaling tens of billions of dollars. Chinese energy companies have been investing roughly three quarters of a billion dollars a month in development of energy sources in Western Canada over the last year and a half. The increased China oilsands investment in […]


Direct Investment in China

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Direct investment in China by foreign sources rose by a third in March of this year. Asia is leading the way out of the worst recession in eighty years and direct investment […]


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