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Bank Stock Analysis

Bank stock analysis with both technical and fundamental analysis will be critical in sorting out profitable investments in large US banks. The recent news about a possible huge law suit against several major banks sent bank stocks tumbling across the board. The fundamentals lie in the risk to bank solvency from the huge numbers of mortgage defaults that have happened and continue to happen across the USA. It turns out that Bank of America – BAC,¬†JPMorgan Chase – JPM, and others sold many mortgages to the government-backed mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Now we hear in the news […]


Buying BAC and Other Bank Stocks

The current ratio of calls to puts on BAC and CITI implies buying BAC and other banks may be profitable in the short run. One of the cues that investors can use in picking stocks for short term investment is activity in the options market. Although calls on CITI outnumbered puts by one and a […]


Bad Stock Market News Reports

Bad stock market news reports have repeatedly driven prices down in recent days. Investors are concerned that the European Community will not be able to escape from its debt dilemma. The US economy continues to languish in a barely noticeable recovery. Bad stock market news is typically considered bad news for long term investors. However, […]


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