Are Crypto Infrastructure Investments Safe Bets?

While individual crypto investments may be risky these days, investments in the infrastructure of crypto may not be. What comes mind are DeFi businesses and crypto exchanges like Coinbase. So, are crypto infrastructure investments good bets?

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Does Binance Fight or Facilitate Terrorism?

In the wake of mounting deaths in Israel and Gaza, this sounds like Binance did a good thing. However, Binance was already in hot water with regulators for not doing enough to prevent bad actors from moving assets around in the crypto world. Does Binance fight or facilitate terrorism?

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Does Crypto Finance Terrorism?

One reason that governments want to regulate cryptocurrencies is their use by terrorists to finance their operations. Does crypto finance terrorism and, if so, how does that work?

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Can the Law Fix Crypto’s Problems?

Part of what we are seeing today is the dealing with specific crypto-related crimes. Part is sorting out who makes the rules that crypto needs to follow. We wonder this. Can the law fix crypto’s problems?

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Are Smart Contracts Legal?

What happens when someone reneges on a crypto blockchain business deal? How can such problems be resolved or mediated? What rules could or should apply when problems arise? A question at the bottom of this issue is this. Are smart contracts legal?

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Is It Safe to Invest in Amazon?

Now the online retailing behemoth is confronting an issue that could drive its stock price down farther. A lawsuit just filed by the Federal Trade Commission could even result in the company being broken up into parts. Is it safe to invest in Amazon today?

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Apple as a Model for Crypto’s Future

A lukewarm future is about the best that many see for crypto. We are reminded of Apple when it was so desperate that it accepted a $150 million bailout from Bill Gates and archrival Microsoft. Today we see Apple as the model for crypto’s future.

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Whose Rules Will Crypto Follow?

The opening arguments in Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial highlight the issues that all of the crypto world will face going forward. Whose rules will crypto follow?

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Volume Indicators for Trading Bitcoin

Volume indicators for trading Bitcoin include the following: on balance volume, the accumulation/distribution line, money flow index, Chaikin oscillator, Chaikin money flow, and ease of movement.

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Do Moving Averages Help in Trading Crypto?

The key to making a long term profit going forward is to accurately predict which tokens will gain in value over the coming months and years. One tool that investors commonly use is the moving average. Do moving averages help in crypto trading?

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