Blockchain Gaming Investments

Ownership rights within these games is an attractive feature as well as are in-game marketplaces. Within this growing gaming arena there are blockchain gaming investments as well. What are these and how does one go about making investments?

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When Should Investors Trade Options?

Here is where options traders will remind you that by trading options you can make money as the market falls and not just when it is going up. So, when should investors trade options?

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Who Gets to Decide What Is Important for Crypto?

The presidential election season is upon us. Republicans who want to oppose President Biden are rolling out their position papers. As expected, someone has just released their plan for the future of cryptocurrencies.

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Will DeFi Consolidation Result in Centralization?

A major result is that DeFi is becoming less competitive. This has implications for investors and for the future of decentralization which has been the goal of crypto from day one. Will DeFi consolidation result in centralization or is the sector just regrouping?

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What Happened to the Bitcoin Stock Correlation?

What happened to the Bitcoin stock correlation? How does this affect Bitcoin trading?

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Rebuilding the Crypto World

The other aspect of rebuilding the crypto world is how crypto has a chance to do it all over and do it right this time.

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Blockchain Tech in the Wake of Crypto Winter

Crypto winter was a difficult time for crypto enthusiasts and, especially, crypto investors. Something good happened due to the huge losses that many incurred. Folks who were only interested in a quick buck have largely gone away. Those who remain are more likely to be interested blockchain tech in the wake of crypto winter.

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Will Northrup Grumman Go Into Commercial Aviation?

In this regard a new company with a fresh idea with backing by defense contractor Grumman is worth one’s attention. The bottom line is this. Will Northrop Grumman go into commercial aviation?

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How CFTC Rules Protected a Crypto Business

The collapse of FTX was a devasting blow to the crypto world. Billions of dollars in crypto assets were lost. LedgerX, a still-solvent subsidiary of FTX went up for sale at the end of 2022 and is still operating. This is about how CFTC rules protected a crypto business from the parent company’s light-fingered owner.

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Are NFTs Investable Assets or a Joke?

Just recently non-fungible tokens were the subject of an episode of the satirical animated sitcom The Simpsons. The sitcom has an eerie ability to predict the future like when it had Donald Trump become US president long before this possibility crossed anyone’s mind. So, are NFTs investible assets or a joke?

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