Cellular Phone Tower Lease Securities

Two profitable approaches to investing in cell sites are either to buy or to create cell tower lease securities . When you think of the opportunity with cellular phone tower lease securities, think of stock investing or taking a new company public in an IPO. The first choice of simply purchasing cellular phone tower lease securities may seem simple but it requires the same sorts of fundamental analysis that smart investors carry out for stocks, bonds, and real estate. If you would like to create cellular phone tower lease securities there may be more profit. To start on this route to success take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn about how to find profitable investments among more than a third of a million cell sites in the USA that Cell Tower Gold says are amenable to purchase. Find out how to find and evaluate cell sites, approach owners, and make profitable cell phone tower lease deals . And, if you want to create cellular tower lease securities, or buy them, you will have come to the right place to find out the steps that you will need to take.

The Scope of the Business

There is a lot of opportunity in the cell tower lease business. One can buy and hold in order to collect lease payments. One can buy, rehab, and sell for a profit. And, one can purchase a substantial number of these leases and securitize them. That is to say, create cellular tower lease securities. There are hundreds of thousands of these sites across America. Phone companies only own a few percent of these and lease the rest. Although many owners will not want to part with their leases, Cell Tower Gold estimates that around 370,000 of these leases may be available under the right terms and conditions. When thinking of adding cellular tower lease securities to your investment portfolio think of dividend stocks . You will have an asset that pays according to the underlying leases and has a value based on the income stream and property which is being leased. If you wish to create these securities you will want to start with the Cell Tower Gold course and learn about structuring cell site lease deals , protecting your interests, and gaining maximum profits.

Learning from Experience versus Learning from a Teacher

Experience may be the best teacher but the best way to avoid losses when investing is to learn from the experience of others. Learn from Cell Tower Gold. Take the course and learn the steps involved in finding sites, evaluating them, talking to owners, making deals, and finding buyers if your intent is simply to flip the property. If your wish it to profit from creating cellular phone tower lease securities you will want to learn all of the initial steps and more. This can be a very profitable endeavor for those who learn the ropes. Start now. Learn from the experts at Cell Tower Gold. And avoid making rookie mistakes along the way.

For more insights into Cell Tower Lease Investing and Securitizing Leases, visit www.CellTowerGold.com .

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