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Bank Stock Analysis

Bank stock analysis with both technical and fundamental analysis will be critical in sorting out profitable investments in large US banks. The recent news about a possible huge law suit against several major banks sent bank stocks tumbling across the board. The fundamentals lie in the risk to bank solvency from the huge numbers of mortgage defaults that have happened and continue to happen across the USA. It turns out that Bank of America – BAC, JPMorgan Chase – JPM, and others sold many mortgages to the government-backed mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Now we hear in the news […]

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Investing in Canadian Banks

Bank stocks in the USA have been suspect ever since they led us into the financial crisis with their predatory lending practices. However, right next door in Canada, the banks have followed more conservative practices and several are ideal long term investment opportunities. A common practice, among Canadians, is investing in Canadian banks when their stock price falls, dividend percentage rises, and P/E ratio drops. The three Canadian banks we have in mind are these.
Toronto Dominion (TD)
Royal Bank of Canada (RY)
Scotiabank (BNS)
These are the three largest Canadian banks.
New banks are rare in Canada because the regulatory hurdles are so difficult […]

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Why Is Goldman Sachs Stock Soaring?

Who would have thought that the investment bank that took so much flack during the election campaign would be the all-star of the Trump stock rally? Fortune discusses how this unlikely stock is responsible for sending the Dow into record territory.
Stock market investors who are enjoying the post-election rally-dubbed the “Trump Bump-owe a major debt to the controversial bank that became a political lightning rod in the presidential campaigns.
Goldman Sachs stock is responsible for a whopping 29% of the Dow’s overall bump since the election. Put another way, Goldman Sachs alone is responsible for more than 400 points out of […]

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Why Invest in Wells Fargo?

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Bank stocks are popular again as many are healthy seven years after the credit crisis and onset of the Great Recession. Interest rates are going to go up which is typically profitable […]

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