Real Wealth Income Generator

Tired of investing you money in buy and hold stocks only to see a year’s worth of appreciation disappear over two or three days of a down market? Consider the Real Wealth Income Generator. Tired of worrying about whether there will be a Euro to trade next year? Tired of seeing your trading capital disappear when a stock repeatedly and unexpectedly gaps up or down? Consider learning about the Real Wealth Income Generator. It is a combination trade alert software system and home study course dedicated to trading precious and industrial metals, agriculture, and energy related stocks and exchange traded funds. Real Wealth Income Generator provides you with a list of stocks and ETF’s to trade and provides you with trade alerts when trading opportunities arise. It helps you manage investment risk and maximize profits in today’s volatile markets.

How to Be Smart and Profit from Market Volatility

A buy and hold stock choice may rise nicely in value over a year. It may also lose all of that value in a few days. However, during that same year the current degree of market volatility may provide a stock trader with the potential for a better return on invested capital than that which can be obtained by simply buying and holding the stock. A quick look at virtually any stock these days shows us large price swings, both up and down. The goal of the stock trader is to buy at the low points and sell at the high points on the stock chart. By doing so he can gain multiples of what he might have earned by simply holding the stock for a year. Using the Real Wealth Income Generator it is possible to profit from swings in the market, limit investment risk, and develop a reliable second income source over time.

The Demise of Buy and Hold Investing

Even the best run companies these days see their profits and their stock prices fluctuate wildly due to circumstances beyond their control. The possible breakup of the European Union, the seemingly uncontrollable US debt burden, uncertain emerging markets and more plague the long term investor. The key to stock profits these days is not to buy and hold. It is to pick the right stocks, contain risk, and, work with an easy to use stock alert system. Any stocks that are not directly linked to tangible assets such as food, energy sources, precious metals, or other commodities are at the mercy of the winds of political and economic change in Europe, North America, and Asia. Using the Real Wealth Income Generator you will deal only with a limited list of stocks and exchange traded funds. You will trade stocks and ETF’s that are tied to tangible assets and are thus less prone to wild price swings based on the news of the day. Learn more about profitable trading. Trade to win! Investigate the Real Wealth Income Generator.

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