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Investment Risk Management

Investment risk management includes diversifying to balance business risk, being wary of overpriced stocks, and not confusing short term goals with long term investing techniques. Picking new winners is always the name of the game but picking them at the best price, diversifying to reduce sector risk, and choosing stocks whose prospects match your long term goals are good ways of managing investment risk.
Business risk is the risk of competition. Effectiveness of management, developing and promoting products, penetrating markets, and doing so in the most cost effective and profitable manner all go into a profitable company. Business risk is also […]


Weaker Manufacturing in the US Drives Stocks Down

FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! Stocks in the USA fell recently on the news of a fall off in the manufacturing sector. Lower orders for items such as computers and industrial equipment suggests that companies are holding off on spending. As weaker manufacturing in the US drives stocks down what is an […]


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