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Investing in Foreign Stocks

FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! In our article, Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas, we suggest that one opportunity for offshore investment is to find companies that work offshore. Another viable option is investing in foreign stocks. The easiest way to do this is with American Depository Receipts, ADR’s. How to invest in […]


Weaker Manufacturing in the US Drives Stocks Down

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! Stocks in the USA fell recently on the news of a fall off in the manufacturing sector. Lower orders for items such as computers and industrial equipment suggests that companies are holding off on spending. As weaker manufacturing in the US drives stocks down what is an […]


Invest in Honeywell International

Good news among quarterly financial reports was Honeywell’s report of a 6.6 percent increase in quarterly earnings. Is it too early to invest in Honeywell International, HON, or too late? A few weeks back we wrote that US manufacturing contraction threatens investments . Now it appears that one of the large US manufacturing conglomerates has […]


Investment in Nuclear Power

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! Is investment in nuclear power going be profitable considering the damage to Japanese nuclear facilities following the historic earthquake and tsunami? For Japan investment in nuclear power has been a necessity as the country is an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse and must import all of its fossil […]


What is the Best Investment Opportunity Today?

What is the best investment opportunity today? It would be nice to have tomorrow’s stock prices on our computer today. That would be how to give a definitive answer to the question, what is the best investment opportunity today? Since we don’t have a crystal ball we need to resort to fundamental analysis of stocks […]


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