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UNH Stock Response to Obama Care Problems

FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! The Affordable Care Act is a laudable attempt to fix many issues relating to affordable access to medical care. And the news is full of the problems related to the roll out of the system. Insurance companies and Health Maintenance Organizations are central to the Affordable Care […]


Invest Offshore in Mexico

As the US economy languishes at eight percent unemployment investors look offshore for opportunity. Offshore in this case simply refers to outside of the USA. This is an important point because a great opportunity today is to invest offshore in Mexico. Mexico is currently hosting the G20 summit. The nation is negotiating to be a […]


Time to Invest in Russia

As Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency of Russia he “orders” increased investment by the government and pressure on government run industries to modernize and become more efficient. If you are thinking that this is the time to invest in Russia please remember that Mr. Putin’s decree for a so called new economy sounds a […]


Invest in Japan

FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! Is now the time to invest in Japan or will the fallout from the worse earthquake and tsunami in Japanese history need to drop the markets even further before prices bottom out? The world looks in shock at the photos and video coverage of the devastation on […]


Finding What Stocks to Invest In

FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! Finding what stocks to invest in takes practice, judgment and work. Finding the right stocks to invest in will fill the investor’s portfolio with lasting value. By learning how to do fundamental analysis of promising stocks the investor can identify stocks with long term promise. He can […]


How to Determine Stock Volatility

Knowing how to determine stock volatility is a useful skill in long term investing as well as trading. Investors look for a margin of safety and significant intrinsic stock value as guides to buying stock. When the intrinsic value and/or margin of safety disappear it is often time to sell the stock before its price […]


Which Stocks Will Recover Lost Ground?

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! The stock market rallied a bit last week making up for lost ground since late last fall. As usual some stocks rallied and some did not. That sounds so simple as to be dumb, but it is the crux of smart long term investing. The question we […]


Why Buy Stock?

Prospective businessmen and women will have to answer the question of why would anyone in their right mind buy stocks? As a matter of fact, the real question should be why someone would opt to not buy stock? Possessing stock in an organization means that you own stock with that company. You are invested, even […]


Stock Investing

FREE: Get Your Moving Averages Training Video Now! Many consider the stock market as an attractive and lucrative investment area. Stock markets can even double your savings in no time. While a bank savings can earn you a maximum of 2% to 3% interest in a year, a mutual fund can help you earn more […]


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