Useful Stock Investment Information

Useful stock investment information comes in several sizes and shapes. Not all investment advice and counsel is useful, so those interested in long term investing, options trading, day trading of stocks, or commodities trading should remember the old Roman saying about the buyer needing to beware. To find useful stock information in a stock advice column the investor should beware of the fact that oftentimes the writer’s sole purpose in writing the article may be to promote a stock. A hard fact is typically useful stock investment information, providing that it is up to the minute. Old information is commonly inaccurate to the degree as to be misleading. The stock market and stock prices change by the minute.

Analysis of Fast Moving Markets

In a fast moving market technical analysis supersedes fundamental analysis as a source of useful stock investment information. Everyone knows the same fundamentals and is buying stock or selling stock based upon their own interpretation of the fundamentals. The most useful stock investment information for many can be found in Candlestick pattern formations as Candlestick patterns can tell investors or traders where a stock price is likely to go next. Spotting a market reversal or predicting the continuation of market trends with Candlestick analysis can be the most profitable way to interpret and take advantage of useful stock investment information.

Standard References

Good sources of useful stock investment information include business news sources such as Bloomberg, the Financial Times, CNN, Reuters, the New York Time, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. To the extent that the investor can harvest absolutely fresh news from one of these sites or print media he may be able to sell stock at the top of an earnings cycle before the rest of the market responds. However, doing so typically requires that the investor has done a considerable amount of fundamental analysis first. Stock investment information is only useful stock investment information when the investor is able to accurately and promptly interpret it in order to buy stock or sell stock in a timely fashion. More commonly the investor will use these sources as background information. This is then the useful stock investment information that he will already have in his head when a piece of news breaks.

Useful Comparisons

Compare stock earnings to stock price. Check its price to sales ratio. Information as to its margin of safety or its intrinsic stock value are useful stock investment information. These are, however, fundamentals which everyone knows or can know with a little effort. Once an investor knows how a stock is trading in relation to its intrinsic value, margin of safety and current earnings he will want to look at how it is doing in technical analysis. With Candlestick charting techniques the investor can commonly anticipate market movement. If a stock has already been bid up due to its good fundamentals he will know that perhaps it is not the time to buy. Using the useful stock investment information in annual and quarterly reports, in news releases, or from stock price analysis using Candlestick charts the investor will not always buy or sell stock but when he do he will commonly do so more profitably.

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