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Investment Risks 2021

Investors have grown accustomed to putting money in the stock market and seeing it grow. But, there are investment risks 2021 poses that may change that. Low interest rates have a market driver for a dozen years. When the economy gets back on track, rates may go up and end up driving stocks down. And, the recent Covid-19 mutation in the UK reminds us that nothing is secure in the world of infectious diseases and their effects on the economy. After taking into consideration investment risks 2021 may still be a good year but as bit of foresight might be a good idea.

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Which of Your Investments Will Suffer as Interest Rates Go Up?

The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates again. And, more rate increases are in the cards for December of 2018 and into 2019. Which of your investments will prosper and which of your investments will suffer as interest rates go up? CNBC weights in on this question with an article about the best performing stocks in the Dow as interest rates go up.
While stocks like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Visa do well when rates are surging, Walmart and Coca-Cola struggle.
Walmart averages a loss of 0.8 percent when rates rise 25 basis points or more in one month, the […]

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Has the Price of Oil Stabilized?

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The news according to The Wall Street Journal is that stocks climb as oil prices stabilize. Has the price of oil stabilized and if so what does that mean for stock prices […]

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Economic Effects of Immigration Reform

There is a lot of controversy regarding President Obama‚Äôs executive order for immigration reform. The short version is that he bypassed a do nothing congress and put a hold on deportation for nearly 5 million people who came to and remain in the USA illegally. Our concern at this point is not if the parents […]

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Weaker Manufacturing in the US Drives Stocks Down

Stocks in the USA fell recently on the news of a fall off in the manufacturing sector. Lower orders for items such as computers and industrial equipment suggests that companies are holding off on spending. As weaker manufacturing in the US drives stocks down what is an investor to do? As always fundamental analysis is […]

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