Stock Picks for 2014

Smart people like the folks at Barrons are talking about there being too many bulls and not enough bears in the market today. This is a natural response to a broad based 30% rise in the stock market over the last year. Many investors were hurt badly during the 2008 market crash and are absolutely […]

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AOL Sells Its Patents to Microsoft

The high tech patent game continues as AOL sells its patents to Microsoft (MSFT) for $1.1 Billion. This all started when Google (GOOG) developed its Android application. Competitors complained that Android programming “borrowed” from existing and previously patented technology. Google’s response was to buy outright Motorola’s cellphone business. The Google purchase of Motorola made sense […]

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Stock Investment in a Volatile Market

Is stock investment in a volatile market profitable or is stock investment in a volatile market dangerous? This question comes to mind as the NYSE and NASDAQ go up or down more than five percent of their capitalization in a trading day. This seems to be happening more often than any time in the last […]

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Short And Long Term Investments

If you have taken out a mortgage to buy real estate and are facing difficulty in paying it back, you should find ways to earn money and get mortgage help. There are various ways to earn money. One of the most lucrative amongst these is investment. There are various sectors, in which you can invest […]

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