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Buy Undervalued Stocks

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The stock market is overvalued and probably ready for a correction but there are still opportunities to buy undervalued stocks. An insightful article in InvestorsPlace suggests that IBM, Chevron and the shipping […]

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How to Build Wealth

As the 2014 stock market threatens to have a major correction there are a couple of important facts to keep in mind. You are in the market to build wealth. Avoiding overreaction to market swings is important. When considering how to build wealth, according to an article in Business Insider, timing the market is not […]

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Good Stocks to Invest In

What are some good stocks to invest in? This is a common question asked by beginning investors. Finding good stocks to invest in is the first part of successful investing. Knowing when to invest in a stock and when to sell the stock are also part of the equation. Picking good stocks to invest in […]

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Where Will Alibaba Be in a Year?

Prior to the Alibaba IPO the five biggest IPOs of American companies listed on United States stock exchanges were as follows: FREE: Get Your Doji Sandwich Training Video Now! VISA, March 2008, $17.9 billion Facebook, May 2012, $16 billion GM, November 2010, $15.8 billion Kraft Foods, June 2001, $8.7 billion UPS, November 1999, $5.5 billion […]

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Profit from Inefficient Markets

When the stock market corrects as it has recently there are often profitable stocks to buy. When bad news hits the markets there is a tendency for all stocks to fall, even when the news may actually be good for a few. Here is where a wise investor can profit from inefficient markets. The efficient […]

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How to Avoid Losing Money in the Stock Market

A common expression years ago, was playing the stock market. The expression came from the fact that many thought of stock investing as gambling on whether stocks would go up or down. Traders listened for stock tips with fond hopes of getting into a stock before it ran up in price and out of a […]

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When to Sell Stocks

When the market has been on a long term rise it is often wise to consider when to sell stocks. Even buy and hold long term investors need to get out of stocks that have run their course. In retrospect, fundamental analysis of saddle makers, wagon makers and carriage makers at the start of the […]

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Stock Picks for 2014

Smart people like the folks at Barrons are talking about there being too many bulls and not enough bears in the market today. This is a natural response to a broad based 30% rise in the stock market over the last year. Many investors were hurt badly during the 2008 market crash and are absolutely […]

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Intrinsic Value of Stock

Successful long term investors consider the intrinsic value of stock before buying and when deciding to sell. This approach to stock investing goes back to the black days following the 1929 stock market crash which ushered in the Great Depression. Benjamin Graham taught investors that they did not need to play the market as though […]

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Reliable Returns on Stock Investments

In the days following the stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression, Benjamin Graham taught the concepts of intrinsic stock value, margin of safety of stocks and fundamental analysis of stocks. The take home point of the things that Mr. Graham taught was that you can get reliable returns on stock investments. You […]

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