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Invest in Argentina

With the recent default by Argentina on sovereign debt payments it may seem a strange time to look at how to invest in Argentina. But, the old adage is to invest when there is blood in the streets. The point of this quote from Baron Rothschild is that when things look their worst in when […]


Offshore Investment Timing

We wrote recently about timing stock investments. The bottom line is that while fundamentals drive stock prices technical analysis of the market can accurately assess when an asset price has hit its top or bottom. This information is good to keep in mind for offshore investment timing. A case in point is Brazil which seemed […]


Timing Stock Investments

Timing stock investments is commonly the key to profits in the NYSE or NASDAQ. Fundamentals are what drive eventual price of a stock. When fundamentals change so do stock prices. Using fundamental analysis helps in knowing what stock might be selling at a bargain price but not in timing stock investments. Technical analysis with Candlestick charts does not tell us anything about intrinsic stock value, price to earnings ratio, or margin of safety. But, Candlestick pattern formations help traders and investors decide when a stock has hit bottom. Candlestick pattern formations help investors and traders increase their profits by buying […]


Investment Opportunities for Young People

The best time to start investing is when you are young. The best time for learning how to invest is as early as possible. Here are a few thoughts about investment opportunities for young people, and as an example, how to invest $10,000. Not What but How Before thinking of a list of investment opportunities […]


Make Money Investing

The first order of business if you want to make money investing is fundamental analysis of the investment opportunity. In the years after the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression investors learned the concepts of intrinsic value and margin of safety. No longer was investing in the stock market akin to […]


Invest in Oil Shale

Over a year ago we suggested that one look at investment in sustainable fracking technology. Recovery of petroleum from oil shale deposits has allowed the USA to reduce its reliance on foreign oil to the lowest level in more than twenty years. Today the USA imports forty percent of its oil, down from sixty percent […]


Will Populism Kill the American Economy?

Representatives of an American populist movement, the Tea Party, are using their votes in the US House of Representatives to exert power beyond what their numbers might normally command. The United States has been without a Federal budget for more than two weeks. If the mandated Federal debt ceiling is not raised the oldest democracy […]


How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Investing

With stocks at multiyear highs, many folks are contemplating getting back into the market. The stock market is up again and that tempts more and more people to become stock investors. Folks who bought when the market was low love this scenario. Late arriving investors pour their money into the market just as fundamental analysis […]


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