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End of Euro Zone Austerity

According to news sources, Moody’s is about to downgrade Spain’s debt rating, again. Greece is still struggling with austerity measures imposed by the EU in return for bailout funds. The Euro Zone appears to be poised for another recession. Does this mean the end of Euro Zone austerity? The issue in Spain is the same […]


Invest in a Euro Zone Recovery

Is it time to invest in a Euro Zone recovery? Things have been looking pretty dismal in the Euro Zone for the last couple of years. Leaders have been scrambling to bail out nations across its Southern tier, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, as well as Ireland. The worst of the lot was Greece. Then, […]


High European Bond Rates

There is a lot of skepticism about high interest rates in Spain, Italy and high European bond rates in general these days. The problem is that the Euro debt crisis is far from over. Bond investors are requiring higher and higher interest rates to continue to invest in European junk bonds . The recent rescue […]


Invest in European Junk Bonds

With Greece teetering on the edge of default abyss it appears that to invest in Greek bonds was to invest in European junk bonds. Voters have decided in Greece and France that enough is enough. This return to socialism in Europe drives stocks down in the Euro Zone. There is a run on the banks […]


Return to Socialism in Europe Drives Stocks Down

As France and Greece change governments the return to socialism in Europe drives stocks down. The election of governments opposed to necessary Euro Zone austerity measures casts doubt on the long term Euro Zone investment outlook . Over the last three years officials in the European Union have forged a consensus as to how to […]


Long Term Euro Zone Investment Outlook

The Euro Zone may or may not be digging itself out of its sovereign debt crisis. What is the long term Euro Zone investment outlook? And, what factors besides sovereign debt will affect the long term Euro Zone investment outlook? With thoughts about the best places on earth to invest in mind we would like […]


Euro Zone Increases Its Lending Limit Again

Investors are concerned as the Euro Zone increases its lending limit again. The first concern is that there needs to be an increased lending limit. The second is that the extra €200 billion will not be enough to stop the Euro Zone from sliding back into financial chaos. A third concern is that as the […]


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