Chinese Investment in Europe

Increasing Chinese investment in Europe is on the horizon. Debt worries continue to plague the European Union. Chinese investment in Europe will go forward as the nation with cash reserves cherry picks attractive companies. China is following the script written by the USA in the years following World War II. They offer foreign aid and […]

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Profitable Trading Habits

That which we learn and practice in investing and trading becomes habit and profitable trading habits lead to profitable trading and investing. Fundamental analysis is part of profitable trading. Profitable habits include routinely updating fundamental analysis of traded stocks. Other profitable trading habits include staying current with fundamental analysis and technical analysis skills and routinely […]

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Smart Grid Investment

The global industrial giant, Siemens, is making a smart grid investment in the start-up company, Tendril. Siemens is a world-wide leader in energy distribution and management systems on the large scale but has had no home directed products, until now. Tendril provides home based, real time, solutions for effective energy use and conservation. As the […]

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Investment Opportunity Today

Where does one look for a promising investment opportunity today in our uncertain world? Investing in Russia was promising as the nation emerged from the grips of nearly four score years of Communism. Seemingly depleted oil fields came back to life with Japanese and Western technology and now the area of the former USSR is […]

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China Oilsands Investment

The news from Calgary is of an expected China oilsands investment in Albert totaling tens of billions of dollars. Chinese energy companies have been investing roughly three quarters of a billion dollars a month in development of energy sources in Western Canada over the last year and a half. The increased China oilsands investment in […]

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First Day of Stock Trading

The first day of stock trading for LinkedIn was spectacular as the stock soared from an opening $45 a share to close above $90 a share. LinkedIn is a professional networking website. Individuals join LinkedIn. They can search for jobs, recruit employees, or find industry expertise. It is possible to post a resume or personal […]

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Sell European Stocks

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Is it time to sell European stocks? The European Community continues to have debt problems as ministers meet to consider the details of propping up Portugal whose national debt has become a […]

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Profitable Investments Today

Sometimes finding profitable investments today takes a little homework. A recent article in Scientific American is a case in point. Scientists at MIT were able to increase charge capacity and power output of lithium batteries using carbon nanotubes. The researchers found a tenfold increase in power delivery and a threefold increase in charge stored. Profitable […]

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Investment How to Buy Gold Coins

Many have found over the last few years that for a profitable investment how to buy gold coins is a good thing to learn. Rare gold coins, especially those of investment grade can be excellent investments. While inflation eats away at earnings and wealth, political upheaval, economic chaos, and war will dismantle the best of […]

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Investment Research

Investment research takes time and investment research typically pays off in higher stock investing profits. We often hear the question just what is a good investment? The obvious answer is that a good investment is one that makes money and carries little risk. The point of investment research is to find stocks before they are noticed by the rest of the market, and before market attention drives their price up. The issue for all investors is doing a sufficient amount of investment research to find a good investment before the market changes and the stock goes up in price. We […]

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