Investing in Foreign Stocks

In our article, Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas, we suggest that one opportunity for offshore investment is to find companies that work offshore. Another viable option is investing in foreign stocks. The easiest way to do this is with American Depository Receipts, ADR’s. How to invest in stocks from offshore companies is to invest in […]

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Three Good Offshore Investment Ideas

The worst recession in three quarters of a century has taken its toll on economies throughout the world. Some have been hit worse than others. Some countries will come back strong. And, some countries never had a recession. With this in mind we would like to present three good offshore investment ideas. There are a […]

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Economic Crisis in Greece and the Euro

As German chancellor Angela Merkel visits Greece the relationship of the economic crisis in Greece and the Euro is back on the front page. Merkel is said to be visiting Greece to show support for Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. The Greek prime minister is facing a tough challenge in keeping a lid on unrest […]

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Discounted Stock Cash Flow

What long term investors commonly look for is discounted stock cash flow. This may sound a bit complicated but it goes to the heart of long term investing. Discounted stock cash flow is basic to one of the two pillars of long intrinsic stock value. What is intrinsic stock value? It is the current value […]

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Invest in Manufacturing Stocks

The most recent report of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) indicates that United States manufacturing is on the rise again after a three month lull. In the last three years the ISM index has had only three months indicating contraction of the sector and the most recent numbers are the best since 2009. So, […]

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Invest in Home Builders

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Figures released by the US Department of Commerce reveal that US new home sales are the best that they have been in two years. Does that mean that it is time to […]

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Tips or Research for Profitable Investing

None of us can know everything in the world of investing. So, subscribing to an alert service, following the advice of knowledgeable stock analysts, and doing a lot of fundamental analysis are all good ways to find profitable ways to invest in stocks. Now, how about tips? Your best friend tells you that XYZ Corp. […]

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Fedex Predicts a Global Economic Downturn

Stocks have retreated from multiyear highs and Fedex predicts a global economic downturn. The stock market highs were from an expected economic boost from Federal Reserve bond purchases. Some of the almost immediate retreat from these highs is certainly from profit taking by short term traders. However, the state of the global economy is far […]

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Value Investing for Long Term Profits

In the depths of the Great Depression Benjamin Green introduced investors to the concept of value based stock investing. According to Mr. Green investors could use value based stock investing for long term profits if they based their investment choices on stock fundamentals. Value based investing works on two principles. There is always a degree […]

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Economic Boost from Federal Reserve Bond Purchases

Investors can expect an economic boost from Federal Reserve bond purchases scheduled to start today. At it latest meeting the US Federal Reserve agreed to an extended economic stimulus program guaranteed to last well into an economic recovery. The base of the program will be the purchase of $85 Billion a month in bonds up […]

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