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Where does one look for a promising investment opportunity today in our uncertain world? Investing in Russia was promising as the nation emerged from the grips of nearly four score years of Communism. Seemingly depleted oil fields came back to life with Japanese and Western technology and now the area of the former USSR is the world’s largest oil producer. But, for an investment opportunity today this chance for profits is past. Often the best investment opportunity today is in areas that are overlooked or avoided because of economic or political chaos. North Africa and the Middle East come to mind here as well as the famous Blood in the Streets quote. Civil war in Libya, unrest in Syria, a brief ray of hope as the strongman of Yemen exits the country for treatment of wounds in Saudi Arabia. Any rational investor will typically avoid chaotic situations where money can disappear in an economic heartbeat. However, the best investment opportunity today is often in just those locations where chaos reigns, such as Middle East investment right now.

In this regard an investment forum by Abu Dubai in China is promoting direct foreign investment by Chinese companies in the Persian Gulf and in Abu Dubai specifically. The argument put forward by the presenters of the forum is that there are already 300 Chinese companies doing business directly in Abu Dubai due to its business friendly environment and central location in the Arab and oil rich world. The point of this is that not all regions in the Middle East are unstable and not all companies doing business in and making profits from the Middle East and North Africa are located in these potentially unstable locations. The best investment opportunity today for Africa or the Middle East may well be a company located in the USA, Japan, Euro, or China looking to increase its presence in these areas. Careful fundamental analysis of first world companies doing business in the Middle East may be the best step towards exploiting the best investment opportunity today in the war torn and politically unstable Middle East and North Africa.

The general downturn in manufacturing from China and Japan through Europe to North America has many investors scared. May are concerned that as the second huge US stimulus program runs its course that the lack of cash infusion will allow the recession recovery to wither and die. Hidden among the many companies that are cutting on orders and reducing production may well be the most profitable companies of tomorrow. While the doomsayers forecast another Great Depression the alert investor is picking new winners , through investment opportunity today and for the profits of tomorrow. As always we are not necessarily promoting Middle East investment or any specific company in which to invest. However, the alert investor is always on the lookout for investment opportunities. By combining sound fundamental analysis with technical analysis of market pricing an investor can often buy underpriced stocks which have good long term intrinsic stock value.

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