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Many have found over the last few years that for a profitable investment how to buy gold coins is a good thing to learn. Rare gold coins, especially those of investment grade can be excellent investments. While inflation eats away at earnings and wealth, political upheaval, economic chaos, and war will dismantle the best of retirement and investment plans. Bullion and, even move so, rare coins tend to hold their value in purchasing power during the worst economic times. Investing in carefully selected rare coins has been known to provide returns well above the inflation rate. For a successful investment how to buy gold coins is important to know. What is a good investment today when war and chaos are present or threaten in the four corners of the globe? Consider gold coins.

What are safe investments in gold? Looking back thirty years we see that gold peaked at the end of the inflationary 1970 decade to more than $800 an ounce. It then dropped to the $200 an ounce region where it remained for two decades. Rare gold coins also peaked in price with gold bullion but did not suffer all of the losses experienced by bullion as prices fell. This is because a rare gold coin is a collector item as well as gold bullion. Learning for investment how to buy gold coins starts with learning about grading coins, the two premier coin grading services in the USA and deciding upon an investment strategy for short term profits or holding rare gold coins for decades.

For short term investment how to buy gold coins focuses on what are called investment grade gold coins. These are typically US gold coins such as double eagles, eagles, and half eagles. These coins are on the high end of the spectrum in their state of preservation with a grade of 60 or more out of a possible 65. Such coins have been authenticated, graded, and certified. They are typically not the rarest of their species. Thus, for many such coins the coin may be worth twice or more its bullion value but not exceptionally more. These coins trade in large numbers and have a predictable price range. They go up in value faster than gold bullion but do not fall so much as gold bullion in a down market because of their collector value. Learning how to invest in gold coins can be enjoyable as such investments are also things of art and beauty.

As gold bullion passes $1,500 an ounce the Professional Coin Grading Service lists a 1908 no motto Saint Gaudens Double Eagle $20 gold piece in grade 64 as worth between $2,300 and $2,400. A collector may look for a rarer gold coin but for an investor looking for a profitable investment hot to buy gold coins is often to stay with the more common members of any denomination of gold coin. A note for those unaware of the fact is that when the US government called in gold in personal possession in the years of the depression the majority of gold coins were melted down. Thus a previously common $20 gold piece like the Saint Gaudens became a collector item overnight. So, is gold a profitable investment? It can be if you pick the right rare gold coin. In this article – investment how to buy gold coins – we are not suggesting that investors buy gold or that they avoid the investment. But, as with all investing a bit of research and thought can lead to profits for the wise.

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