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Beware When Shorting Stocks

Over the course of the longest bull market in history contrarian investors have again and again predicted doom and gloom and been burned again and again. As noted in the movie “The Big Short,” there are times when shorting a stock can be immensely profitable. But, choosing what to short and timing of when to do it are keys to making money with this approach. Unfortunately for contrarian investors, in the last year the “most shorted stocks” went up as a group more than twenty percent! So, you should beware of shorting stocks. […]


Too Late To Short Glaxosmithkline

It may be too late to short Glaxosmithkline (GSK) but so what. The fourth biggest company in “Big Pharma” just pled guilty and will pay a fine of $3 Billion in the largest health care fraud case in United States history. When the settlement was announced the stock fell from $1481 a share to $1487 […]


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